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<kline> hey, whats the best way to model bent-tube construction in solvespace? i was hoping to model parts like this:
<freem> no idea
<freem> I don't even have an idea for the worst way to do it actually
<kline> freem, feels like what i kind of want to do is to draw the path, have that path normal to a circle, and then extrude along path
<kline> but i think thats a very modelling based approach rather than CAD
<freem> I suppose I would do more or less that
<freem> I mean, draw the outside of the "pipe", extrude it, and then draw something to remove excess of matter, but then, there would still be angles
<kline> mm
<kline> this is kind of what i was hoping to do but i think im just bringing blender ideas to cad
<freem> that way would be the easiest
<freem> what I have in mind would not work
<kline> im just not sure solvespace does this kind of extrusion
<freem> yep, I don't think it's possible neither