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<mantielero> Newbie here
<mantielero> I have a question
<mantielero> I am looking a the `Slvs_MakeConstraint` API
<ghane> hi mantielero, unfortunately I do not think that we have any devs active here now that can answer that but please stay around for a while and see, activity here is a bit sporadic :)
<mantielero> OK. Thanks for the feedback.
<ghane> It seems that there are some examples of it being used in exposed/CDemo.c, but not sure if that will actually answer your question
<mantielero> It helps
<mantielero> It looks like `Slvs_MakeConstraint` accepts 4 entitites at the end. The first two are used for points, and the last two are used for other kind of entities.
<ghane> Yes
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