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<V17_> Hello! I have a (beginner) question regarding PyPy versioning and how it's recognized by PyCharm (windows), if someone has any experience with that. It seems that adding PyPy as an interpreter in PyCharm lists a version number unrelated to the official versioning, for example pypy3.9-v7.3.9-win64 (tried an older version on purpose) is listed as PyPy 3.13
<V17_> Normally I would not care, but I'm using OpenCV and pip doesn't see a binary package for this version of PyPy, so I'm wondering if it's a bug
<V17_> It may just be that there truly isn't a binary opencv-python package for PyPy and everything is as it should be. But the listed 3.13 version made me do a double check and I did not manage to find an answer on google.
<cfbolz> pypy 3.13 sounds simply wrong
<cfbolz> when you start that pypy interpreter, what does the repr report as the version?
<cfbolz> it's quite likely that there is no prebuilt binary package for opencv under windows
<V17_> I'm not sure what you mean by repr in the context of interperter version, but sys.version says 3.9.10 (b332b321bbaa72bffb0207da5b7fe4c38047d3b2, Mar 16 2022, 16:03:21)
<V17_> [PyPy 7.3.9 with MSC v.1929 64 bit (AMD64)]
<V17_> so that seems correct
<V17_> If there is no prebuilt opencv windows binary for pypy, then I guess I don't really need to solve this. How can I check manually that this is the case?
<V17_> My concern is simply "what if no prebuilt binary package is found because PIP thinks I'm running version 3.13 instead of version 3.9".
<cfbolz> sorry, meant "repl"
<cfbolz> the binary wheels are all for cpython
<cfbolz> contrast with eg numpy:
<V17_> thanks! I see it now. So there is likely an error in PyCharm but it's unrelated.
<cfbolz> yep
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