cfbolz changed the topic of #pypy to: #pypy PyPy, the flexible snake | IRC logs: and | the pypy angle is to shrug and copy the implementation of CPython as closely as possible, and staying out of design decisions
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<mattip> working on the release, I hit about embedding a file with the proper hash and tag in the source tarball
<mattip> There are release tarballs up on, please check that the source works properly for your builds
<mattip> I plan on releasing later today unless something goes wrong
<mattip> I have not pushed the repo tags yet just in case I need to redo the packaging
<cfbolz> mattip: morning!
<dylanyoung> Did you want someone to look at making longer term changes wrt #4855 as well. I'd imagine you'll also want to change the name of sys._mercurial at some point?
<cfbolz> mattip: I tried a source tarball and it seems to work fine
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<mattip_> Thanks for checking
<mattip_> dylanyoung: yeah, maybe in the next release. It is an API breakage, even though the attribute is “private”
<mattip_> But maybe it is time to do a 8.0 cleanup
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<mattip> it seems we have a bug in 7.3.14 that may require 7.3.16 :(
<cfbolz> mattip: would be cool to get this kind of report exactly a day earlier :-(
<mgorny> mattip: looks like something went wrong and -src.tar.bz2 aren't actually compressed (i.e. they're uncompressed .tar)
<mattip> mgorny: ahh, ok. I guess `git archive` does not do tar.bz2 natively :(
<mattip> mgorny what are the implications, other than a larger file?
<LarstiQ> not opening if going by extension rather than content. Not much of an issue with humans but maybe with simple programmatic usage?
<mgorny> mattip: since it's .bz2, tools try to unbzip2 it and fail
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<sam_> while at it, feel free to switch to xz ;)
<sam_> (I can fix up scripts if needed)
<nimaje> or brotli or zstd
<mgorny> mattip: apparently it doesn't (i'm curious why) but i guess you can easily pipe the output to bzip2
<mgorny> or lbzip2/pbzip2, i guess
<LarstiQ> I believe it needs configuration with `tar.bzip2.command`
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<mattip> I opened, if anyone wants to submit a PR to change the script they are welcome
<mgorny> yeah, i'm workign on it already
<mattip> cool, thanks!
<sam_> thx
<mattip> fwiw, I think it would be OK to update the archive at and update the checksum
<mgorny> that's the simplest change
<mgorny> you can replace bzip2 with lbzip2 or pbzip2 if you have these
<mgorny> or just have bzip2 symlinked to one of them, like we do on Gentoo ;-)
<sam_> once the existing stuff is fixed i'll look at other changes
<mattip> mgorny, sam_: I pushed the new tarballs and updated the checksums at
<mattip> it takes about 1 hour to percolate out via the CDN to
<mattip> you can see when it happens by looking at the size of the tarball
<mgorny> thanks
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<mattip> hmm. The source of is, which I updated an hour ago
<mattip> I hope the CDN replication is not write-once
<sam_> thanks
<Alex_Gaynor> mattip: If you need to bust the CDN's cache you can send a PURGE request, e.g. `curl -X PURGE`
<mgorny> it seems to have caught up
<mattip> +1
<mattip> Alex_Gaynor: thanks, I didn't known about that
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