cfbolz changed the topic of #pypy to: #pypy PyPy, the flexible snake | IRC logs: and | the pypy angle is to shrug and copy the implementation of CPython as closely as possible, and staying out of design decisions
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<LarstiQ> arigato: sounds fun :)
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<Guest71> cfbolz: OK, so it sounds like I'd need to (a) use GenC to create a source directory,
<Guest71> and (b) figure out a reasonable way to compile that into WASI.
<Guest71> (b) should be a small matter of reading; for (a) can I just use whatever the normal rpython
<cfbolz> Guest71: genc makes a source directory in /tmp/usession*
<Guest71> build leaves lying around, or are there any flags that should be messed with?
<Guest71> perfect, thanks!
<cfbolz> Guest71: it will leave the last 5 lying around
<nimaje> (there is some env var too, to select some other dir)
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<andrewsmedina> Hey! How are you? I will try to come back to dedicate a few time to contribute with pypy again. In the past I have sent a few PRs related with the python lib support for the new python versions
<andrewsmedina> So, there is a plan to support python 3.11/3.12 lib?
<cfbolz> andrewsmedina: there is no super concrete plan yet. Matti and I briefly discussed the option to skip 3.11 and go to 3.12 directly, but nobody started on this
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<LarstiQ> cpython 3.12 has some slowdowns relative to 3.11, so on that side I'm holding off on 3.12. Of course pypy is maybe too constrained in development power to make decisions based on that
<andrewsmedina> if you guys agree I can work on 3.12 support
<nimaje> weren't the slowdowns because of implementation details? and I think even in refcounting and gc, if I remember that right, then pypy wouldn't have these slowdowns
<LarstiQ> nimaje: yeah, my point was about skipping 3.12 to start with, and then keeping versions in sync is somewhat nice
<LarstiQ> no idea how representative my use is though
<andrewsmedina> LarstiQ: do you are suggesting to work on 3.13?
<nimaje> hm, from the removals section in the 3.12 release notes it seems like most projects running on 3.11 should run on 3.12 too
<cfbolz> LarstiQ: I've heard that about 3.12 from several people now :-(
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<Dejan> I guess you guys already know this, but anyway:
<cfbolz> yep
<andrewsmedina> cfbolz: do you recommend to me to start to work on 3.12 or 3.11?
<cfbolz> andrewsmedina: you could start a py3.11 branch, leave the stdlib alone for now, and start working on one of the language features?
<cfbolz> maybe BaseException.add_note?
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<andrewsmedina> I work on it. thanks
<andrewsmedina> *I'll
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