cfbolz changed the topic of #pypy to: #pypy PyPy, the flexible snake | IRC logs: and | the pypy angle is to shrug and copy the implementation of CPython as closely as possible, and staying out of design decisions
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<fijal> I have renewed certificate for buildbot
<cfbolz> Hodgestar: yeah, but I think it's fixed on cpy main
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<mgorny> i have another bug where pypy3.10 is "eating" warnings from matplotlib but i don't have the energy to reduce it :-(
<mgorny> it seems to have something to do with depth of function wrapping
<mgorny> on top of everything, it's a heisenbug :-(
<mgorny> ok, i'm moving forward with dumb reduction
<mgorny> and it seems to happen less often as i remove more code
<cfbolz> mgorny: ouch
<cfbolz> mgorny: but it's independent of the JIT?
<mgorny> i don't know
<mgorny> my best guess right now is that with large enough amount of code in between warnings.simplefilter("error") and the warning, it gets dropped
<mgorny> i wonder if GC may be eating it
<mgorny> cfbolz: happens with PYPY_DISABLE_JIT=1 too
<mgorny> (though becomes even rarer)
<cfbolz> ok
<cfbolz> sounds annoying :-(
<mgorny> yeah, i feel like reduction is not going to help here
<mgorny> cfbolz: adding gc.disable() seems to make the problem disappear
<mgorny> i guess i'll file a bug with that i know so far
<cfbolz> mgorny: and the warnings appear correctly when you do that?
<mgorny> yes
<mgorny> hmm, lemme try something dumb
<mgorny> i suppose pytest is part of the equation
<mgorny> hmm, but no, warnings.simplefilter("error") should take precedence over pytest warning filters
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<Hodgestar> cfbolz: Woot, glad it's fixed. I wonder if it would be helpful to offer Armin's example as a unit test for CPython somewhere.
<cfbolz> Hodgestar: I mean if you wanted to report it as a bug for 3.11, that's certainly an option
<mgorny> that's the best i could come up with
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