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<mattip> hexology: what is the real question? Have you tried something and it failed?
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<mgorny> weird rpython assertion:
<mgorny> unfortunately, i don't know how to proceed with debugging that further
<mgorny> i suppose i could try creduce on the .c extension
<mgorny> s/creduce/cvise/
<cfbolz> wow, that's impressive
<cfbolz> mgorny: did you try to run this with a pypy binary built with "make lldebug"?
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<mattip> I see this in the backtrace
<mattip> memcpy(posi, PyBytes_AS_STRING(block), Py_SIZE(block))
<mattip> the memory of PyBytes_AS_STRING is messed up, or Py_SIZE(block) is bogus, or something else is off
<mgorny> cfbolz: no, just release gentoo build and the one from buildbot
<mgorny> mattip: so this could be an upstream bug?
<mattip> dunno. Probably not, it works on CPython
<mattip> storing bytes in a PyBytesObject is fragile, we have to keep the c-char array and the internal memory sychronzed
<mgorny> mattip: should i try creduce to build a minimal C repro?
<mgorny> i'm a bit worried it could yield some nonsense — but i suppose any nonsense triggering rpython assertion should be a good reproducer? xP
<mattip> not sure it is worth the effort: they have a cffi version that would work better on PyPy anyway
<mgorny> if you mean brotlicffi, that's a separate project
<mgorny> and unfortunately not all projects support both
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<Alex_Gaynor> Does cffi use alloca or dynamic stack allocation in generated modules? (See CVE-2023-4039)
<mattip> I see some usages of alloca. It seems the CVE is not yet generally available to the public
<tumbleweed> /41/41
<Alex_Gaynor> has the details on the CVE
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<hexology> mattip: the question is as i asked it. the context is that i installed the latest pypy 3.10 with pyenv, then created a venv, then did `pip install ...` of which pyarrow was included, it tried to build pyarrow from source, and compilation failed with some highly technical C++ errors that are beyond my knowledge to understand or diagnose
<hexology> so before i even tried to figure out the problem, i wanted to know if it was expected to work smoothly and something is weird on my end, or if it was never expected to work well, in which case i'd just continue using cpython and worry about it in future projects
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