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<krono> Hey
<krono> I'm trying to translate theseus one more time and found that the driver does not handle driver.exe_name as it used to
<krono> this commit changes line 482 so it builds the new exename out of the old one regardless of exe_name
<krono> can I commit a one-character-fix for that?
<krono> meh. it does not fix my usecase, but it seem changing exe_name no longer works as intended?
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<exarkun> can the windows "py" launcher launch pypy instead of cpython?
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<nimaje> I don't see why pandas should care about error messages; what is their reasoning for testing these? (re issue 3982)
<mattip> often projects want to make sure a general error type is being raised for the correct reason
<mattip> `a * b` can fail for a number of reasons, here they want to make sure that both `a` and `b` are instances of strings
<mattip> krono: that code is pretty fragile. Suggestions for improvement are welcome
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<Guest60> krono, mattip: I don't know if it had been intentional, but fwiw I couldn't get `rpython --output=` to work as I'd expected and wound up writing instead...
<Guest60> ... Is there a better way to accomplish this process?
<mattip> hmm. In the case of pypy, it uses a more compilcated setup in the target method of the PyPyTarget class
<mattip> but that still does not end up in a bin directory
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<Guest60> thx
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