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<cfbolz> Snow, snow!
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<arigato> cfbolz: :-)
<LarstiQ> here too although it's already starting to degrade
<arigato> as much as I'm complaining, git has very cool lower-level layers. if I have the motivation I might one day do something that gives mercurial-style commands on top of the low-level git storage
<arigato> you'd get a mercurial-style command-line user interface, but still git & github
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<antocuni> arigato: what you are describing sounds a lot like hggit, doesn't it?
<arigato> as far as I can tell, no, because hggit does not attempt to do the sane "mercurial" thing about either named branches or renames
<antocuni> I see
<arigato> and the low-level git is flexible enough that it should be possible and fun to implement it (without using hacks like adding special lines in the log messages)
<antocuni> yes, probably the same mechanism which is used by git-notes?
<arigato> no, unlikely, git-notes is used to store extra notes in a non-git-managed way
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