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<mattip> pep 703 to make the GIL optional in pytohn 3.12 has been proposed, here is the preview
<mattip> actually quite readable, nice
<mattip> one part of the proposal is to use mimalloc
<mattip> it seems like it would be a good fit for the RPython GC too
<fijal> that's a complex incref/decref
<fijal> 5-10% seems very mellow, I wonder if it's true
<fijal> I think if people can agree what "python with no gil" means, it'll be much easier to do for us
<mattip> using a compile time switch and an ABI mark for c-extensions means that c-extension authors will have to opt-in to providing compatible wheels,
<mattip> which avoids a whole class of pain for c-extension authors who may not want to support no-gil
<arigato> reading, I have doubts that it can be implemented completely reliably
<arigato> it talks about one thread modifying the reference count of an object while another thread frees it, and how to hack at the memory allocator to somehow make it work
<arigato> I cannot see how it can be made completely reliable, but then I don't know everything
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