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<mattip> ctismer, ronan: we can call _type_realize() to reset the python-level type object from the c-PyTypeObject,
<mattip> but I am not sure what will happen to the slots
<mattip> are we supposed to recalculate all the inheritance of the object?
<mattip> I assume not, since in the discussion above the mro did not change, only the type(obj)
<ctismer> At least for my purposes, a minimum is needed. Feature switching replaces the type dict, only.
<mattip> ahh, the entire __dict__ ? So that is all the slots __add__, etc
<mattip> I guess tests are needed: what happens in CPython when the ob_type is switched
<mattip> can you point me to the code that does pto->ob_type = &Shiboken.ObjectType
<mattip> after PyType_Ready is called
<mattip> I see one occurance in pyside-setup/sources/shiboken6/libshiboken/basewrapper.cpp in introduceWrapperType
<mattip> nope, false positive
<ctismer> I am currently re-implementing a lot, after Ronan‘s findings. Will take a few days. The PyType_FromSpec will be replaced for PyPy.
<ctismer> The switching gave problems on Python 3.10 because of caching in getattr. PyType_Modified solved that very easily.
<mattip> OK. I am willing to make a PyPy-specific change to PyType_Modified if needed
<ctismer> Great! When is the next release planned? There are a few small omissions, too (will write that up, soon).
<mattip> I just kicked off a set of builds that I hope will become rc1 as soon as it is ready
<mattip> like by tomorrow
<ctismer> But you can see them in the repo if you grep -i for `pyside-535‘`
<ctismer> Ok, whow
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<ctismer> If you grep for PYPY_VERSION you‘ll probably find more. The branch is not yet cleaned up for check-in. I am travelling today, not much possible ATM.
<mattip> ok, thanks
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<mattip> ctismer: I didn't find "pyside-535" in the pyside-setup repo at commit FETCH_HEAD from your directions,
<mattip> but looking at the PYPY_VERSION ifdef conditionals, some of them are out of date
<mattip> PyPy has PyDescr_NewMethod, has fixed the order of arguments to PyDescr_NewGetSet (in pypy3.7.4) but indeed is missing Py_GetProgramFullPath, Py_Initialize
<mattip> If I "git grep -i pyside-535" I do see various comments in the code
<mattip> anyhow, that's it for now, need to do other things
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<Guest27> "PyPy ... is missing Py_GetProgramFullPath, Py_Initialize", shall wie open an issue ?
<mattip> in principle all the functions in (which includes these) are known to be missing
<mattip> opening an issue will not do much unless we get more people than me to implement things
<Guest27> this is the idea: expose the problem so more help may arrive
<mattip> so perhaps open a tracking issue to implement all the functions in pypy/module/cpytext/
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<ctismer> now in a hotel in Lübeck.
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<ctismer> mattip: you made great progress! The only missing non-trivial thing is Py_Initialize, maybe I can ignore this? I'd like to become a PyPy contributor, again - hopefully I can learn this, again 🙁
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<shlomif> Hi all! how should i profile mathsy pypy3 code ? «pypy3 -m vmprof -o out.log 764/» says "unknown"s for most
<cfbolz> shlomif: cprofile is a rough good first approximation
<cfbolz> shlomif: I also played with scalene recently
<shlomif> cfbolz: ok...
<cfbolz> It gives slightly off results
<cfbolz> But still useful info
<shlomif> cfbolz: is this page up2date: ?
<cfbolz> Yes it is
<cfbolz> But seems vmprof isn't working for you
<cfbolz> So I am suggesting alternatives
<shlomif> cfbolz: ah, how can i make vmprof work?
<cfbolz> shlomif: I don't know why it says 'unknown', sorry
<shlomif> cfbolz: - code
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<Guest2757> is latest nightly supposed to work ?
<cfbolz> shlomif: heh, cProfile points at calc_sum_S
<cfbolz> Surprise
<shlomif> cfbolz: heh
<Guest2757> because it seems to fail on startup on my PC, with "ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'encodings' "
<cfbolz> Guest2757: what's the precise link that you downloaded?
<cfbolz> shlomif: sorry, I'm on the phone and didn't manage to install scalene there
<cfbolz> Guest2757: right. Yes, I would think it should work :-(
<shlomif> cfbolz: ah
<Guest2757> cfbolz: so I'm troubled, th inary is 29 mo when till september 5th, it was 32Mo. is it normal ?
<Guest2757> just 'double-clicking' on pypy3.exe is a problem
<Guest2757> this was ok (september 3rd or 5th) Python 3.8.10 (93ea7486e50e, Sep 01 2021, 23:58:35)
<Guest2757> this version is ok (download, unzip, double-click on pypy3;exe)
<Guest2757> this version blows up on exact same basic test:
<Guest2757> (on my PC)
<cfbolz> Guest2757: it's a question for mattip
<Guest2757> the problem started apparently with the size of the binary moving to 29Mo. at first I thought it was just a failed nightly until mattip wrote is was nearing release today. so I checked
<LarstiQ> does a non win64 build work?
<LarstiQ> I guess I'll download a linux nightly
<LarstiQ> Guest2757: I get the same problem, so seems a general issue
<LarstiQ> with pypy-c-jit-103264-3b3e428f14b6-linux64 fwiw
<Guest2757> the version that works was before the directory alignement to cPython standard (for site-packages and friends)
<cfbolz> Guest2757: that fits your symptom
<cfbolz> Of not finding a stdlib module
<cfbolz> shlomif: I'll try to do some more digging later
<Guest2757> lib-python of 44.9Mo went to Lib of 40.9Mo, a 4Mo loss
<shlomif> cfbolz: thanks!
<Guest2757> ensurepip shrinked from 5.6Mo to 2.2Mo
<shlomif> cfbolz: profiling pypy3 code has been a long time wart here
<Guest2757> ah, in previous version, there were 3 'pip' bundled, now only latest one pip-21.1.1'
<cfbolz> shlomif: is cpython profiling really better?
<Guest2757> latest one of previous working binary, as we are now at pip-21.2.4 or pip-21.1.3
<shlomif> cfbolz: i don't think so
<Guest2757> as a very ugly test, if I copy/past former 'lib-python' into today nightly... pypy3;exe starts again
* shlomif is /away ; rest
<Guest2757> and i get a prompt with "Python 3.8.12 (3b3e428f14b6, Sep 11 2021, 23:31:23)"
<cfbolz> Guest2757: right
<Guest2757> do I need to create a ticket ?
<cfbolz> Guest2757: sounds useful yes
<Guest2757> done
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<shlomif> cfbolz: i'm back
<shlomif> greedom: your nick reminds me of
* shlomif is /away again ; sleep
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