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<geri> hey, here's yet another version cause im bored :D
<geri> only based on file extension and defaults to a text editor - my files mostly have proper extensions anyway
<geri> (i love that *-any? dont evaluate their args, did it cause too lazy to put quotes around/before extension names :D)
<abu[7]> Yes, good way
<geri> good thing is im not reliant on file being installed with this approach
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<geri`> test test
<geri`> killed my net while connecting work laptop lol
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<geri> i'm curious - are there any major performance boosting tricks you know of but hadnt implemented yet for one reason or another?
<abu[7]> Good question. Not that I know of atm
<abu[7]> The last one was "ZERO-cache" for 'co' and 'yield' to speed up coroutine switching for big numbers of coroutines
<abu[7]> 23.4.18, 23.12.8 and 23.12.9
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<geri> fancy
<geri> i bet you could write a book just going over optimizations that you made to it
<geri> :D
<abu[7]> Hmm, not so many I believe. It is just the base interpreter that is fast
<abu[7]> Ower the years it rather got slower (signal checks and runtime debug infos)
<geri> slower but more useful?
<geri> (brb in 8-10 hours if not more :D)
<abu[7]> T
<abu[7]> cu ☺/
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