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<crides> Hi
<crides> weird question, anyone used the mouse emulation feature in Penti?
<abu[m]> Hi crides! Yes, I do that all the time
<crides> what software can you use that in?
<abu[m]> I use it on a remote X-Window system by calling "xdotool"
<abu[m]> I'm busy for 30 minutes. Then I can post a script here.
<crides> oh no rush
<abu[m]> ☺
<abu[m]> OK, done
<abu[m]> So this is what I do:
<abu[m]> I have Penti on my phone with Termux
<abu[m]> From Termux I 'ssh' to a PC with X-Windows running
<abu[m]> Instead of Termux you can also use some SSH-Client (e.g. the ConnectBot App)
<abu[m]> Then I start in the PC this script:
<abu[m]> s/in/on/
<abu[m]> Mouse handling starts in line 140
<abu[m]> I'm using the FVWM window manager, so lines 168 through 179 are special for my FVWW configuration
<crides> Thanks for sharing!
<abu[m]> Welcome! ☺
<crides> Ahhhhh, that's why ^K is a thing
<abu[m]> Yay :)
<abu[m]> And ^B is for Tmux
<crides> so, what about ^Y?
<crides> ^Z easily makes sense
<abu[m]> Yes, suspend process. ^Y I use often to scroll up a line, I think it was kind of free, i.e. not used otherwise
<crides> so... I'm not a lisper, so I made a Python version ☺
<abu[m]> Very good!
<crides> here it is if anyone wanna take a look:
<abu[m]> Cool! So you are interested only in mouse events?
<crides> well, the other parts should be easy
<abu[m]> right
<crides> also that was what I was looking for
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<DKordic> Now that is a success, to be rewritten in another CompLang.
<beneroth> ?
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<rick42> DKordic: ah, so *that* is the definition of success! :D
<rick42> aw-: I just saw your welcome message.  Thanks!
<abu[m]> beneroth, DKordic war referring to the fact that crides rewrote a PicoLisp program (the Penti -> Mouse script) in Python ;)
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