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<tankf33der> hi all
<tankf33der> abu[m]: did you received my message about LLVM16 in mailing list?
<abu[m]> tankf33der: Cheers!
<tankf33der> i sent 3h ago.
<abu[m]> Hmm, no :(
<abu[m]> It seems also not in the archive
<tankf33der> yeap.
<tankf33der> should i write again?
<abu[m]> Which sender mail address did you use? (I check the logs)
<tankf33der> 3h ago today
<abu[m]> OK, it is not there
<abu[m]> Please try once more
<tankf33der> i will try tomorrow then
<abu[m]> good
<tankf33der> afk.
<abu[m]> cu
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