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<abu[7]> Good morning! Is tankf33der up?
<abu[7]> You tested pil21 also on s390 - How was the state? Did build of the library ever work?
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<tankf33der> abu[7]: i tested, i remember nothing about the state.
<tankf33der> why you asking?
<abu[m]> Oh, I see. So it worked
<abu[m]> I got a mail from the Debian maintainer
<tankf33der> in general it worked
<abu[m]> Debian build for s390 fails
<abu[m]> ht:Pack -- Undefined
<abu[m]> I faintly remember problems with 'ht'
<abu[m]> Was it another CPU?
<tankf33der> i do not remember
<tankf33der> i remember we failed to fix it
<tankf33der> i am installing s390x in qemu right now :)
<tankf33der> alpine linux
<abu[m]> Yes, something was. Should I tell him to take it out of the list out of the architecture list?
<tankf33der> i can try again if you want
<abu[m]> Do you think it is worth the effort?
<tankf33der> no :(
<tankf33der> lets list out for now.
<abu[m]> Yes, I think so too.
<abu[m]> No big issue :)
<abu[m]> Thanks!
<tankf33der> welcome.
<tankf33der> afk
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