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<ArchitBhonsle[m]> Hey guys I was just getting started with mlpack c++ development. How do I "uninstall" mlpack after building it from source?
<ArchitBhonsle[m]> Nevermind found the issue discussing the exact same thing
<ArchitBhonsle[m]> Also I see a few communication channels on the mlpack website. It seems like there is a single "source of truth" which is replicated everywhere. Which one is the "true" source?
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<UrmilPawar[m]> Hello, I am Urmil Pawar, a student of Thakur College of Engineering and Technology(Mumbai), currently in 2nd year pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering. I am an Ml enthusiast. I am new to open-source contribution and I love to contribute to your organization 'MLpack'. Can you please connect me with your organization?
<UrmilPawar[m]> My resume is attached to this message. It would be an honor for me to work with you in GSOC 2023
<UrmilPawar[m]> To know more about me here is my Linkedin profile- <http://www.linkedin.com/in/urmil-pawar-024662252>
<UrmilPawar[m]> Hello,what do you think
<UrmilPawar[m]> Am I fit to work with you?
<rcurtin[m]> Hi Archit Bhonsle, I don't know if we have a "single" source of truth 😃 the mailing list is used less often these days because people's communication preferences seem to have shifted away from email. Probably Github issues and PRs are where most of the discussion/work happens? That and in here (but traffic here can be spiky, sometimes it is quiet for a while)
<rcurtin[m]> Hi Urmil Pawar, thanks for getting in touch. If you'd like to contribute see https://www.mlpack.org/community.html
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<mukund[m]> Hello everyone, I am Mukund an undergrad pursuing his dreams . Mlpack is one of the best pieces of software I have come across I am not kidding when I mean it , it all started when I was training a Large scale Transformer based model thinking that why does it take so much time to train it even though it is gpu accelerated. Thats when I came across mlpack , I immediately tried it out and it was amazing . Thats when I decide that I want to
<mukund[m]> contribute to MLPACK to both understand it and make it even better for others. I would love to stay here if I am eligible . I have knowledge on c/c++ , python and other machine learning and deep learning based techniques. I hope I can contribute something. please do guide me on my journey . Thanks