ChanServ changed the topic of #mlpack to: "Due to ongoing spam on freenode, we've muted unregistered users. See for more information, or also you could join #mlpack-temp and chat there."
< rcurtin> it seems like the spam has stopped? I will wait another day to see
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< rcurtin> oh, nevermind... the spam is still going on...
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< rcurtin> yeah, I need to look into it
< rcurtin> hang on ...
< rcurtin> ^^ during the ironman
< gmanlan> cool!
< rcurtin> ^^ despite the crash, still 2nd on the podium... 3rd was really far off :)
< rcurtin> anyway... let me glance at the travis build, you are right that it is probably unrelated (since travis has nothing to do with windows)
< gmanlan> haha, awesome man
< rcurtin> right, looks like only LMNNTest is failing, I'm going to have to look into that
< rcurtin> (I thought I solved it already...)
< gmanlan> ok no worries
< rcurtin> since we had to mark the channel +r for spam reasons, the jenkins-mlpack bot hasn't been talking in here about the build being unstable so I have not noticed! oops
< gmanlan> ahh, good point
< rcurtin> I guess I will have to have it register its nick or something
< gmanlan> ok, I may have some time tomorrow - so if you find a way to fix travis, let me know and we can re-run #1485 to check everything is fine
< gmanlan> the installer is being properly generated and published as artifact - we just need to check that the doc doesn't include the DOT that you removed
< rcurtin> I think it would be through a different PR, so honestly I don't see much need to rebuild it to make it pass; I'm happy to merge it despite the failing travis build since the PR has nothing to do with the failure
< rcurtin> right, I want to see if I can grab it off AppVeyor and try installing under wine and see what happens :)
< gmanlan> sounds like a good plan
< gmanlan> :) go ahead, I just tried with Win10, all good
< rcurtin> I see that '' is published as an archive, do you think we should remove it?
< rcurtin> I don't think it's a big deal either way really
< gmanlan> right, that got picked up because of the rule that says *.zip
< gmanlan> I can change that to specific rules
< rcurtin> sure, maybe it would be useful---your call
< gmanlan> will remove it, that may save some time (or not) but it's not really necessary
< rcurtin> got it to install correctly, this is really great :)
< rcurtin> I'll comment on the PR
< gmanlan> (Y)
< rcurtin> it's a really strange feeling to install mlpack with an msi installer... I guess I'm not sure why it's strange
< rcurtin> maybe so many years experience installing stuff like that on Windows as a kid
< gmanlan> haha
< rcurtin> never expected to do it with software I worked on
< gmanlan> :)
< gmanlan> I was very frustrated after discovering there is not simple/free way of signing the installer
< rcurtin> yeah, I took a very basic look into it and I saw that there were a lot of terms and it seemed very confusing and I didn't fully understand the signing process
< rcurtin> I imagine if you dug deeper, it wasn't totally a fun experience :(
< gmanlan> so that's the only UX friction
< gmanlan> right, it's more a business than something useful
< gmanlan> and that's coming from somebody working in security ha
< rcurtin> :)
< rcurtin> I used to be working in security... until a few weeks ago
< rcurtin> I was at Symantec, and to be honest I'm pretty glad I got out. the business seems to be going downhill, and it's not clear how useful their products really are (or how much protection they might provide)
< gmanlan> I imagined
< gmanlan> yep - interesting times...
< rcurtin> are you at one of the big security companies, or a small one? I think there is a lot of opportunity for disruption by startups in the field
< gmanlan> McAfee - LOL
< rcurtin> I guess that was a competitor :)
< gmanlan> hey, I need to go back to work
< gmanlan> please add your comments to the PR
< rcurtin> I thought I did ?
< gmanlan> ah! didn't refresh
< gmanlan> thanks!
< gmanlan> will take a look and push changes
< rcurtin> no worries :)
< rcurtin> sure, and let me know if you'd like me to help out or anything
< gmanlan> (Y)
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