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<noocsharp> howdy cem
<cem> hello hello
<cem> How are you all?
<noocsharp> doing alright, playing around with bare metal risc-v
<noocsharp> how about you?
<cem> Oh nice, what did you get?
<cem> Not much for me, working on university stuff, trying to find a job and a house
<noocsharp> i'm just using qemu
<noocsharp> are you close to being done with university?
<cem> noocsharp: not really, I have been kind of negligent on my uni work this year
<cem> what about you?
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<noocsharp> done for the semester, but have a year left
<acheam> phoebos: nice
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<testuser[m]> Hi
<rohan> hi
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<rohan> noocsharp:
<rohan> zathura mupdf is working?
<noocsharp> no, i can't even build libmupdf
<noocsharp> what provides GL/glu.h
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<humaid_> Hi
<testuser[m]> noocsharp: mesa or libglvnd
<testuser[m]> Or maybe glu idk
<humaid_> ssu echo bfq > /sys/block/sda/queue/scheduler
<humaid_> illiliti: It works with su though. Is this normal?
<humaid_> "/bin/sh: can't create /sys/block/sda/queue/scheduler: Permission denied"
<testuser[m]> How would that work
<testuser[m]> ssu can't hijack ur redirection
<testuser[m]> su -c executes the whole cmd inside shell
<testuser[m]> Including redirect
<humaid_> It's the same with "printf pass | iwd_passphrase ssid > /var/lib/iwd/ssid.psk"
<humaid_> So it's normal
<humaid_> Whats the best way of overwriting a file owned by root?
<testuser[m]> | ssu tee /file
<humaid_> Thanks.
<humaid_> Strange. "su -c echo bfq > /sys/block/sda/queue/scheduler"
<humaid_> "/bin/sh: can't create /sys/block/sda/queue/scheduler: Permission denied"
<humaid_> Nevermind I forgot putting quotes
<humaid_> Using ssu with tee is more convenient for me, I'll use it.
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