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<d1b2> <esden> The Glasgow CS update will likely be published today, but at the latest tomorrow. In the mean time I wrote a thread about setting up the PnP machine for Glasgow assembly. https://chaos.social/@esden/109509017057290928 I hope you like it. 🙂
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<d1b2> <xabean> @esden I've always been curious how double-sided assembly gets done, does surface tension retain the parts on the opposite side while reflowing solder paste into solid solder?
<d1b2> <icb> For small parts, surface tension holds them on. For larger parts, they're glued
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<d1b2> <xabean> glue that holds up to the temperature of molten solder, neat
<d1b2> <esden> It is a special glue that is being kicked off by the reflow oven temperatures
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<d1b2> <esden> As for the solder paste, when the flux is burned off, the melting temperature of the solder increases. So it might not even melt depending on the reflow profile.
<d1b2> <esden> Here you go, the CS update is now published! 🙂 https://www.crowdsupply.com/1bitsquared/glasgow/updates/production-has-started-slow-but-steady
<d1b2> <Holonium> Just saw this, and I am so happy to see more news.
<SnoopJ> gz :)
<d1b2> <esden> I really hope the updates will be more frequent now. At least there are a ton of things that are finally falling in place. It has been some very busy few months.
<d1b2> <Holonium> Totally understand you there, been a busy few months for many people. Glad that things are finally falling in place after such a struggle. I think this is probably the piece of gear for my lab that I have been the absolute most excited about adding to my very limited collection.
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<d1b2> <xabean> @esden didn't you do some testing of brightness of LEDs some time ago? I'm half curious what mcd you settled with, but as I'm hunting through LEDs online it just clicked with me "you can always turn the brightness down with a higher resistance"
<d1b2> <esden> I did make some tests... it is not perfect but it works. And the led are well visible through the lightpipes. But I am glad you mention it. I should probably make some measurements again. At least we might be able to tune things for later production runs.
<d1b2> <esden> @Holonium yeah I hear you. I want to catch up on this project as much as anyone else. I think it is a fascinating and useful tool too. Can't wait to see it easily accessible.
<d1b2> <xabean> yeah, you're well deserving of $celebratory_beverage_of_choice esden.
<d1b2> <uep> @esden small but important typo: Catherine's name is written Cathrine the first instance
<d1b2> <esden> Ahh! Thanks @uep !
<d1b2> <Holonium> Definitely cause for celebration to see progress.
<d1b2> <xabean> ok, it's a sign that I've seen way too much "upside down" unicode in social media handles that I interpreted uep's discord handle as upside down "den".
<d1b2> <Holonium> Haven't seen anything like that, but if it is common on the other social medias, I would just say that it is a fun part of the human brain.
<SnoopJ> 💭(this is your brain; this is your brain on rich text)
<d1b2> <uep> It's an upside-down "dan" because I'm in AU 🙂
<d1b2> <esden> @uep thanks for reporting the typo, it should be fixed now. 🙂
<d1b2> <xabean> ¡noʎ ɹoɟ dn ǝpıs ʇɥƃıɹ ǝq pʃnoɥs sıɥʇ uǝɥʇ
<d1b2> <esden> or should I say dan from Dustralia 😉
<d1b2> <uep> No unicode required (or, more strictly, no unicode outside the ASCII subset)
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<d1b2> <sirocyl> 🙃 umop apisdn 'uep ollay
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<cyborg_ar> esden: nice, looks like 80% of the work is done, now the remaining 80%
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