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<rwmjones> davidlt: are we light on builders at the moment? this job isn't finding anywhere free even for the SCM stage
<davidlt> rwmjones, yes, I am doing F38 -> F40, which is basically mass rebuild (and more)
<davidlt> If you want to attempt building something you need to bump priority
<rwmjones> ok
<rwmjones> it's not urgent, I'll leave it alone
<davidlt> Also a lot of things will not build today, that's expected
<rwmjones> it's actually a dep for installing fedpkg on F40
<rwmjones> because of rpm-libs update I think
<davidlt> I am almost done with language ecosystem and already done some frameworks, and more to come
<rwmjones> is OCaml done now? if not send me ocaml packages & I'll babysit them
<davidlt> Majority of it, there are a few packages that didn't build due to dependencies that I cannot rebuild right now
<davidlt> from main languages it's only GHC which is left (because I don't want to touch it)
<rwmjones> davidlt: GHC is quite problematic, I poked at it a while back and left confused
<rwmjones> the ocaml packages, wanna drop the names of them in here so I can have a go at them?
<rwmjones> (otherwise I'll have to go through each package by hand in the UI which is painful)
<davidlt> it works, it probably stopped working on a few packages due to me being stupid, but we will see
<davidlt> No need to work on them, some of them are blocked because on pandoc (thus awaits GHC rebuild)
<rwmjones> should we encourage fedora to make pandoc optional i wonder?
<rwmjones> I can't believe that anything _really_ needs documentaiton in package, it's usually a nice to have
<davidlt> I hate pandoc because it requirest almost every single ghc-* package to be built.
<rwmjones> yup
<davidlt> It's also not built as a static one.
<davidlt> If it would be static it wouldn't block anything, but the current one we have doesn't install anymore.
<davidlt> I could make it work by creating some compat packages, but I am not willing to surrender to that level yet.
<rwmjones> I wonder if there's some alternative way around it ... like bunding up pandoc and its libraries and using LD_LIBRARY_PATH
<davidlt> We have a brand new GHC version to build based on a newer LLVM too. Maybe things will be better.
<rwmjones> just to have something called 'pandoc' which works
<davidlt> Someone would rewrite it with Rust :D
<rwmjones> I mean taking the old binary + libraries, putting it into a separate directory, then shell script called /usr/bin/pandoc which sets up LD_LIBRARY_PATH
<davidlt> I hack *.spec files to nuke docs (pandoc) if the package is critical right now, otherwise I will wait for GHC rebuild
<davidlt> Nah, compat-* something probably would solve it.
<davidlt> Actually I would prefer Fedora to have a policy where every SOVERSION bump requires introducing a compat package for 1 or 2 releases.
<davidlt> For example ICU does that.
<davidlt> ICU is at 73, but we also have 72 and 71.
<davidlt> As packages get rebuilt it automatically moves to 73 without breaking everything.
<davidlt> Not all packages do that.
<rwmjones> so the last installable pandoc comes from f33
<davidlt> That's why my eyes are open 24/7 looking at logs, and doing "smart" planning as I have a good picture of the whole Fedora.
<davidlt> Even to get that built took some work!
<davidlt> I am not really have about GHC default version, it's moving too slow.
<davidlt> Welcome Fedora 40 to LLVM 14.
<davidlt> LTS Haskell is at 9.4
<rwmjones> ok I can get pandoc working using my LD_LIBRARY_PATH trick
<rwmjones> so I could wrap that up in a compat-pandoc package
<rwmjones> I'll email you something, easier than chat
<davidlt> So let's way for GHC rebuild (it will be slow).
<davidlt> There is tons of other stuff I can build before pandoc becomes a true blocking issue.
<rwmjones> I'll send you this anyway, it gives us options
<davidlt> It would be much more nicer if we could have two pandoc versions in Fedora, normal and static one (for us).
<davidlt> So once we get to build it we don't loose it that quickly.
<davidlt> rwmjones, if you want some work I can give you ;)
<davidlt> It's packaging thus not really that exciting :)
<rwmjones> I do but let me finish this pandoc thing, I'll email you
<davidlt> rwmjones, SciPy doesn't build on Fedora 40 with a new NumPy version because of Python 3.12 dropping distutils stuff. It should work with meson build system.
<davidlt> rwmjones, someone needs to rewrite the *.spec to use meson to build SciPy.
<rwmjones> davidlt: have you noticed zstd being painfully slow to compress, on hifive unmatched?
<rwmjones> like when writing RPMs
<davidlt> rwmjones, nope, zstd was always fast, but it's not used in rpm compression
<rwmjones> spending ages in
<rwmjones> #0 0x0000003fb2f19ca4 in __clzdi2 () from /lib64/lp64d/libzstd.so.1
<rwmjones> #1 0x0000003fb2eed90e in ZSTD_compressBlock_opt2 () from /lib64/lp64d/libzstd.so.1
<rwmjones> #2 0x0000003fb2e92c7a in ZSTD_buildSeqStore () from /lib64/lp64d/libzstd.so.1
<rwmjones> #3 0x0000003fb2e94f78 in ZSTD_compressContinue_internal () from /lib64/lp64d/libzstd.so.1
<rwmjones> #4 0x0000003fb2e9c8c8 in ZSTD_compressStream2 () from /lib64/lp64d/libzstd.so.1
<rwmjones> #5 0x0000003fb321d930 in zstdWrite () from /lib64/lp64d/librpmio.so.9
<rwmjones> & other places in ZSTD_compressBlock_opt2
<davidlt> I wouldn't read too much into it until we have everything recompiled with GCC 13 + a new kernel
<rwmjones> this is when creating a ~10 MB RPM
<davidlt> Things aren't that stable these days, just re-run if you think it's stuck
<davidlt> (or crashes)
<rwmjones> it's making progress, just very slowly
<davidlt> Just give it some time, unless it's extremely slow.
<davidlt> In general zstd is a miracle compared to xz, but everything is slow.
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<rwmjones> davidlt: http://oirase.annexia.org/tmp/compat-pandoc/ is my pandoc compat package (just bundles pandoc, ffi, lua-libs from f33)
<rwmjones> works ok to build some sample pandoc documentation
<rwmjones> I'll have a look at SciPy tomorrow
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<rwmjones> hmm annoying ...
<rwmjones> file /usr/sbin/installkernel from install of systemd-udev-254.5-4.0.riscv64.fc40.riscv64 conflicts with file from package grubby-deprecated-8.40-57.0.riscv64.fc37.riscv64
<rwmjones> can't remove grubby-deprecated because extlinux-bootloader needs it, and I need the bootloader for my VF2
<rwmjones> of course why udev has anything to do with installkernel is one of those mysteries
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<davidlt> the script to install kernel used to be part of systemd
<davidlt> It's a legacy thing, already removed in our F40
<davidlt> in F38 and before we keep it in systemd so you could install your kernel :)
<davidlt> or maybe I didn't remove it yet
<davidlt> Anyways don't use F40 content right now
<davidlt> rwmjones, I am running the 1st attempt at a new GHC
<davidlt> if it doesn't fail it should take <3 days IIRC
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