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<frojnd> I'm inside src/routes/api/v1/ and inside get "/" do render "src/views/hello.ecr", "src/views/layouts/layout.ecr" end I get: Error: macro 'render' must be defined before this point but is defined later
<frojnd> Do I have to import smth?
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<FromGitter> <> What is the current state of multiprocessing in Crystal? ⏎ Judging by the docs and some (old) blog posts, it seems to me that there are fibers, but not actual threads (or processes) running in parallel. ⏎ Is that still true?Are there any planned changes?
<FromGitter> <> yes, multi-threading is in development, but i don't know what the latest status is (i think it's still in "preview", you can use `preview_mt` flag to enable it)
<FromGitter> <> here's an old blog post with more details:
<FromGitter> <> yeah, I've read that one, but it's 3 years old. 🙂
<FromGitter> <> Okay, thanks. If it's in preview, that's good enough for me.
<FromGitter> <> (As long as it isn't in the realm of 'never/maybe one day', I'm fine with it.)
<FromGitter> <> nah i'm pretty sure there's active work on it. maybe someone else remembers a more recent blog-post/status update
<yxhuvud> It is there, but it has some limitations. There is for example no work stealing, so if some cpu gets very busy fibers assigned to that thread will be stuck waiting even if other threads are not doing anything
<FromGitter> <> Thanks!
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