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<FromGitter> <Blacksmoke16> @jgaskins Oh, homebrew maintainor updated it which added the bottle
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<FromGitter> <nanobowers> This is probably a dumb question, but i'm unclear how the stdlib works re: `#to_s`: ⏎ ⏎ I'm poking at redefining `inspect` for Tuple, which calls `to_s`. to_s takes an IO param, but inspect never passes it in. ⏎ when i redefine inspect to call basically the same function, it doesnt work, so feels
<FromGitter> ... like there is some magic here that i'm missing. example at: []
<FromGitter> <nanobowers> I suppose the crux is that `#inspect` is not explicitly passing an IO object to `#to_s`, so it must be implied from somewhere else
<FromGitter> <Blacksmoke16> you need to define `def inspect(io : IO) : Nil`
<FromGitter> <Blacksmoke16> same thing with `to_s`
<FromGitter> <nanobowers> I think the key is that there was some inheritance in `Object` for the arg-less version of to_s, etc..
<FromGitter> <Blacksmoke16> the argless versions call the IO versions
<FromGitter> <Blacksmoke16> of which if you dont override it'll use the inherited version, thus you still see the default output
<FromGitter> <nanobowers> is there a way to do a `responds_to?` with a particular argument signature?
<FromGitter> <Blacksmoke16> no
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