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<hightower3> hmm, so I have a case where I need to write <header><body> into an IO. Length of (serialized) body must be specified in the header. But obviously I don't know the length of body until I serialize it, and it seems I need a temporary variable to store the serialized content, then update its length in the header, then write out both.
<hightower3> Is there some clever trick maybe that I could use to avoid having to serialize to a temporary variable?
<hightower3> well, I guess I could calculate the length in advance, without serializing it... that would be doable, although not very elegant unless I wrote a macro that produces the calc method automatically
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<raz> hightower3: is the IO seekable?
<hightower3> no
<raz> then you're out of luck i'm afraid :) (the only alternatives are to know the size beforehand or fixed framing)
<hightower3> right, ok great, thanks for confirming
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<riza> is there a crystal shard wrapping libusb?
<riza> or hidapi
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<SamantazFox_> Mmmh, why does the formatter arbitrarily idents by 4 spaces on a wrapped if condition?
<straight-shoota> It's a common style to indent wrapped expressions that way to visually separate them from the block body indent
<SamantazFox_> the problem is that now, my closing parenthesis is at the level of the code below the `if`, not the `if` itself...
<FromGitter> <Blacksmoke16> prob a bug
<straight-shoota> I think that's intended
<straight-shoota> the closing parenthesis has the same indent as the condition of the if
<straight-shoota> s/of/after/
<SamantazFox_> tbh, that's not ideal
<SamantazFox_> makes code harder to read and confusing
<SamantazFox_> (So is the removal of blank lines, btw)
<straight-shoota> how is it harder to read? Or what would be easier?
<straight-shoota> Blank lines should only be removed when non-essential. Can you show an example where it hinders readability?
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<FromGitter> <beta-ziliani> `export LLVM_CONFIG=<path/to/your/llvm-config>` should do the trick
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<riza> straight-shoota: I think that's a subjective analysis, but code readability in general is subjective. It's common in many languages to seperate functions into groups and to seperate the groups by 3 or 5 blank lines to indicate that the functions are logically grouped.
<raz> crystal has keywords for grouping. class and module
<FromGitter> <> Why is the `:nodoc:` directive ignored in the generated documentation? ⏎
<FromGitter> <Blacksmoke16> It's probably defined benefit the original namespace
<FromGitter> <Blacksmoke16> Before*
<SamantazFox_> straight-shoota: here, for instance =>
<SamantazFox_> I'd likely put a newline after the `if`
<FromGitter> <Blacksmoke16> :shrug: is what it is
<SamantazFox_> I'd appreciate some flexibility :P
<SamantazFox_> I like when code is spaced, in chunks. It's visually easier to navigate than, uh, this:
<raz> that's probably the only thing that golang every got right
<raz> maybe a 3rd party formatter could exist with more flexibility. but i think there's value in having a canonical style that every CTO can use to choke out the endless vim vs emacs debates
<SamantazFox_> I mean...
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