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<FromGitter> <rishavs> Has anyone here used google sign in for their sites? Would you know what "data-nonce" is? ⏎ Is it the secret string that we need to match with the google response to make sure it is our own request?
<FromGitter> <szabgab> When I run "crystal spec" is there a way to tell it to stop on the first error?
<straight-shoota> @szabgab Yes `--fail-fast`
<straight-shoota> In 1.1 this will actually be in the output of `crystal spec --help`. Because it's a runtime option, you currently only get the help by building and runnning the spec (`crystal spec -- --help`)
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<hightower2> Are there some articles on multitenant http-based apps with Crystal?
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<FromGitter> <szabgab> @straight-shoota thanks
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