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<hightower2> Hey jhass, could you by chance look into & solve this ticket:
<hightower2> As you see from the discussion, I found & reported a bug, the bug was then fixed later (unrelated to the ticket), and the only thing remaining on that ticket is to write a test and close it
<hightower2> I tried writing a test and a PR attempt is there, but it's not working right, and the ticket has been open for years now
<hightower2> If you could just write/fix the test, that would be it, easy solve.
<jhass[m]> When was it fixed?
<hightower2> I don't know when or why, but I believe it was fixed because the person provided a comment on that ticket giving the same example which now works
<hightower2> And I tested myself too
<hightower2> rmarronnier commented on Jun 11, 2020 --> Appears to be fixed :
<hightower2> Let me try on which version on it started working
<jhass[m]> Did you try Brian's suggestion at all?
<jhass[m]> I see the code is still using `not_nil!`
<hightower2> (If this is a question for me, I don't understand it -- which not_nil and which Brian)
<hightower2> but responding to my previous line about trying on, seems like the bug was fixed in 0.34.0
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<jhass[m]> this Brian complaining about this not_nil!
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<repo> hey
<repo> is it possible to change the backend for the logger while it's running?
<repo> i want to setup log rotating
<jhass[m]> maybe log rotating should be its own backend (possibly wrapping another)
<repo> that sounds like a good idea
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<repo> shouldn't i be able to exit my program from a trap?
<repo> e.g. Signal::INT.trap { backend.close; exit }
<hexology> if anyone is interested, the crystalline language server is now supported by nvim-lspconfig
<hexology> i couldn't get it to work with auto-complete, but it does seem to be properly showing diagnostics
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<oz> oh thanks, I'll try it when I upgrade to 0.5 :)
<FromGitter> <> Now this Gitter channel is bridged to IRC 🎉 (and not bridged to Freenode anymore)
<straight-shoota> Awesome! =)
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<jhass> oprypin: thanks!
<Stephie> yay
<Stephie> thats the last thing i needed to disconnect from freenode entirely
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<jhass> straight-shoota: did you intentionally not merge the community page update to master yet?
<FromGitter> <> I missed that, since when oprypin ( became a core member?
<FromGitter> <> ho ok thanks, I'm not too late 😅
<FromGitter> <> I should follow this blog, if there is a RSS/Atom feed
<FromGitter> <> @rishavs: also by using other's code, you learn too
<FromGitter> <> for Gamedev, the Crystal ecosystem will never, by never I mean not reasonably soon, be as mature as other alternative. I'm not talking about small libraries, but real ecosystems like Godot and Love
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<straight-shoota> jhass, it's in master, otherwise it wouldn't be on