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<frojnd> What framework should I use for simple API serving json?
<jhass> How simple? for one or two endpoints maybe no framework at all, plain HTTP::Server. For a couple Kemal is probably the most popular
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<straight-shoota> Hello world! =)
<jhass> o/
<hightower2> \o
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<greenbigfrog> howdy folks
<greenbigfrog> jhass: looking at gobject right now, but can't figure out how to bind/call it with vips. I found a issue saying it works, but I can't actually find how by trying around.
<greenbigfrog> require_gobject "Vips" but just "Typelib file for namespace 'Vips' (any version) not found (Exception)"
<greenbigfrog> I have govips "installed" at ~/go/pkg/mod/ and am trying to call require "gobject"