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<oprypin> no because i havent heard a single word on this topic from core team
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<xybre> Do we need to bug them about it? Pretty much everyone is moving
<jhass> it's being discussed. We didn't loose anything because we didn't mention moving :)
<xybre> That is good to hear
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<Stephie> hopefully we can get frongitter in here soon
<oz> it's kinda relaxing w/o all the <From
<oz> Gitter> stuff, but well, discussions happen elsewhere. :)
<oz> The unofficial disc*rd is also very active
<oz> ooooh thank you oprypin! :)
<jhass> ?bettergitter=
<DeBot> jhass: Set bettergitter.
<jhass> mmh, isn't gitter matrix now? How does the matrix bridge stuff work, would the users appear hear individually?
<oprypin> jhass, in terms of bridging "gitter is matrix" is about as true as "irc is matrix"
<oprypin> there are Matrix channels, there are separate Matrix channels with IRC-specific prefixes and there are separate Matrix channels with Gitter-specific prefixes. not connected to each other
<jhass> ah, bummer, I was hoping they'd just turn each gitter channel into a regular matrix channel and make a special matrix client
<oprypin> they were building big proposals for that, but last i heard, it stalled at just proposals
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<oz> meanwhile, the matrix room for crystal's is ""
<oz> (a room in matrix is like a channel in irc)
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<jhass> adam12: I poked a little but no success, it doesn't get very far, apparently not even through the parser. But docker kills all debugging tools so hard to say more
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<hightower2> Hey is there a way, in a macro, to know if the macro is expanding at top level or not?
<hightower2> I'd need it because my macro defines some ivars, which if I am at the toplevel, should be just vars...
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<adam12> jhass: Thanks for looking :)