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<frans> Hi, I'm setting up a buildbot instance with dynamic triggering. This triggers the same scheduler with different properties multiple times, but not all of them run. About a third to a half are left in pending mode. Is there any bit of configuration that I may have overlooked, or might this be an issue in the scheduling code?
<tardyp> do you have enough runners?
<frans> Well, I have one runner for three builds that don't actually do anything. Two are triggered and run, and one stays pending
<frans> I probably wouldn't have enough for the work I actually would want to do
<tardyp> so it maybe related to the max_builds config for your runner
<tardyp> for your worker
<tardyp> then you can only have one build per worker and builder
<tardyp> so if you have to builds with the same builder but with different properties, then they will be serialized
<frans> right
<frans> lemme check, cause I think I can run multiple jobs at once
<frans> Multiple runners give the same result
<frans> Might it have something to do with build requests being collapsed?
<tardyp> thats another thing to check indeed
<tardyp> but that would not keep buildrequests as pending
<tardyp> they would be all eaten into one build
<frans> interesting
<frans> it was the collapseBuilds setting
<frans> thanks for the help
<frans> So in my case the properties are obviously also different, perhaps that could trigger the pending state even after a collapsed build?
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