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<glogan> tardyp: buildernames like "11.x Build JDK 11" mean I can't pass those as the builder name to /builders/{builderid_or_buildername}, right?
<glogan> I've tried urlencoding it, doesn't work
<dol-sen> glogan, WHITESPACE!!! remove the whitespace, should work, subin - or _
<dol-sen> or .
<dol-sen> hmm likely "." is illegal so likely have to sub that in 11.x too
<glogan> Oh forgot about the .
<glogan> I've grabbed the full set of builders, then jq'd a list of matching names to pull out the id's.
<glogan> I (foolishly) assumed that the name was just a label. Oh well :)
<dol-sen> I don't think they are just labels, but I could be mis-remembering
<dol-sen> pretty sure it has to pass python functio/module naming
<glogan> I'm surprised spaces work then. I know schedulers don't like spaces, found that out the hard way haha
<dol-sen> url's don't like spaces either
<dol-sen> I doubt the api's are url decoding for encoding spaces, etc
<dol-sen> encoded*
<tardyp> Of course they are..
<tardyp> It's automated in all web frameworks
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