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<tardyp> in gitlab, you can only report to the last pipeline
<tardyp> but you can give several step ids
<tardyp> glogan: you need to change the name or context
<tardyp> for eac
<tardyp> for each builder
<tardyp> there is an allow_failure field, but I am not sure how you are supposed to pass it.
<tardyp> there is no such thing as warning apparently. maybe you can ask gitlab support
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<glogan> tardyp: if all of my builders succeed things work as expected, so the mid-build states are working correctly. I just need to be able to filter which builder(s) report, or be able to report each builder separately.
<glogan> Don't have the context set right now, will look into that Ty. I'm guessing this would be a good place for an interpolate? :)
<tardyp> indeed
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<glogan> well, that was easy, now they're reporting separately
<glogan> but, of course, there's no easy way to get at their status in gitlab. Sigh.
<glogan> interestingly, the jobs seem to be reported to gitlab grouped by their top parent scheduler
<glogan> so I've got two pipelines showing up, one of which has a bunch of DependentScheduler items in it too
<glogan> wait... The one builder is showing up twice, once in each pipeline
<glogan> ah, nevermind, that's an artifact of my buildbot instance. I've got build starts which regularly fail, but get retried
<glogan> errors like docker.errors.APIError: 409 Client Error for http://localhost:2375/v1.40/containers/85429f6be5a041568820735e6afcd536e314e3411911ee25f967d68042778bbf?v=True&link=False&force=True: Conflict ("removal of container 85429f6be5a041568820735e6afcd536e314e3411911ee25f967d68042778bbf is already in progress")