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<Gracana> Hi folks. I'm just getting started with amaranth. I bought an icesugar-pro (ECP SODIMM board like the colorlight i5/i9) and I have an expansion board that it plugs into. What would be the most appropriate way to set up a board definition for it? Can I make a new board class that inherits the existing definition, or should I just make a new definition entirely?
<Gracana> Also, can resources overlap? This board has 2x20 headers that are laid out as 2x PMOD headers plus extra GPIO in the middle, so I'd like to make say "P1" with all the pins of the connector, then "P1.PMOD1" and "P1.PMOD2" for the PMOD sections.
<adamgreig[m]> personally I'd just make a new definition; you could "inherit" by manually appending some extra resources and connectors in `__init__` but that sounds pretty gross
<adamgreig[m]> resources can overlap yea, so long as your design doesn't double-use any pins
<adamgreig[m]> the pmods would probably be "connectors" rather than resources
<Gracana> oh, right
<adamgreig[m]> yea, that's one way of doing it if you already have a platform for the basic module that you want to use as-is and just add new things onto
<Gracana> thanks for the answer, that makes sense and sounds reasonable
<adamgreig[m]> I guess logically if you wanted one platform for the sodimm module and another for the sodimm mounted in the expansion board, it might make sense to do the inheritance in that case
<Gracana> I suppose you don't gain a whole lot by doing it that way. The SODIMM by itself isn't terribly useful, it only has an LED and an SDRAM.
<Gracana> btw is the board definition stuff documented anywhere? I have many questions that would probably be answered in documentation..
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<_whitenotifier> [amaranth-boards] Gracana reviewed pull request #184 commit - https://github.com/amaranth-lang/amaranth-boards/pull/184#discussion_r1056667457
<Gracana> oh dang these are all wrong for the icesugar-pro, it doesn't match the colorlight at all
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