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<ocdtrekkie> Love when folks respond to emails promptly. Already heard back from the guy with the PowerDNS module for ACME.js.
<ocdtrekkie> If only I knew how to undo a commit and force push a branch... guess I'll be staring at some git cheatsheets today.
<TimMc> ocdtrekkie: `git reset --hard HEAD` moves the current branch back by one commit; `git push --force-with-lease` force-pushes but will fail if the branch has already been moved by someone else. But... you never want to do this on a shared branch, as I was recently painfully reminded.
<ocdtrekkie> I may just delete the PR and recreate it, tbh.
<TimMc> If it's for a PR branch this is fine to do.
<TimMc> I generally prefer `git rebase -i` by the way.
<ocdtrekkie> I assume master has protection against being force pushed, but since I am working on the Sandstorm git, I prefer not too get too clever with commands I barely understand.
<TimMc> Fair enough!
<TimMc> I recently force-pushed a branch at work that I thought was OK to rewrite, but unfortunately it *corresponded* to master in this weird hacky way we use this one special repo, so I broke a whole Thing.
<ocdtrekkie> I live in constant fear of writing bad commands on Linux systems.
<TimMc> There's very little you can do to a shared git repo that can't be undone.
<TimMc> but it can cause a hassle
<TimMc> (I am also happy to give git lessons if you would like!)
<ocdtrekkie> Thank you for the offer, I will bear it in mind! I am pretty time-limited at the moment though.
<isd> (me too).
<isd> +1 for git rebase -i
<isd> Also, re: fear of nuking stuff, this is why I tend to push to branches on my own fork, even for repos I have write access to.
<isd> Also, yes, git basically never deletes anything, so it's hard to get yourself into an unrecoverable situation
<isd> Also, git reflog is worth knowing about.
<ocdtrekkie> I am subtly hoping eventually GitHub Desktop does all of these things.
<ocdtrekkie> Except for the fact they still refuse to publish a Linux client... it's gotten surprisingly capable over the past year. It can rebase commits now, and cherry pick commits all with UI.
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<xet7> ocdtrekkie: I don't use rebase. If I need to revert something, I just: git checkout HASH && cp filename .. && git checkout master && cp ../filename . && git add --all && git commit && git push
<xet7> git does not has working proper undo, like forssil scm does.
<xet7> Also with wekan, I keep everything in master branch, there are not other branches. It has saved huge amount of time from all that merging between branches.
<xet7> I was great when someone advised me to do it, it works great.
<ocdtrekkie> well, every PR is a branch.
<ocdtrekkie> Which is really the only branching we use too.
<xet7> Ok
<isd> Yeah, if nobody else is working on the same project as you, and you're not worried about wanting to ship hotfixes, just pushing directly to master is not a bad workflow.
<isd> Re: undo, I feel like this wouldn't be that hard to implement as a higher-level command. As it is, git reflog and then check out the previous thing.
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