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<isd> I'm thinking maybe we should have a page on the sandstorm website listing "business that offer sandstorm related services," which might include hosting providers at least. Apparently some of these exist and people should know about them
<ocdtrekkie> That might not be a bad idea, but we'd probably want to reach out to them and such.
<isd> Yeah, I'm thinking we'd not list anybody who didn't ask to be.
<isd> Maybe do a blog post mentioning the page exists w/ a call for people to poke their heads in.
<isd> ...actually adding stuff will have to be ultimatley our descretion, but with the idea that we'd do so for businesses that seem legit and not horrible somehow and actually relevant.
<isd> ...and maybe we'd ping fairkom specifically and be like "so we know you guys exist..."
<isd> Also, re: fundoss, I think once the dust is settled we should block of a chunk of time to meet and talk about what we might do with actual funding -- there's a vague sense of "pay people to work on stuff," but I want to make sure we're actually thinking about the details rather than letting it sit there until something comes up.
<ocdtrekkie> I was thinking about that a bit for sure. People aren't going straight to our OpenCollective right now, but using the Projects on it, we might be able to define some clear buckets for people to indicate support or something.
<isd> Yeah. Once the event winds down we can bring it up again and maybe do a video call to suss out where we stand.
<isd> Knowing the final numbers will help inform nearer-term stuff too, of course.
<isd> Towards the end of the event we should send out further emails reminding people that the deadline is looming.
<isd> ...which might get us a few donations from people who otherwise might forget about it.
<ocdtrekkie> Yeah, I was planning to do a few emails here and there.
<isd> I know we have an issue open re: updating mongo, but I can't find it. Any hints?
<ocdtrekkie> Not sure if there's an issue or we just always knew.
<ocdtrekkie> We have to address the licensing question to move forward on that, don't we?
<isd> I remember there being an issue.
<isd> Tbh, what I want to do is see about switching to postgres in the long term. I want joins. I want transactions. I want schema. And yeah, I don't really want to deal with the new mongo license. Need to dig into it more, but I found, which maybe we can use.
<isd> We can probably migrate a table at a time, since the version of mongo we have doesn't have joins and thus none of our queries use more than one table.
<isd> we'd have both in place for a bit.
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