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<M9names[m]> <explodingwaffle1> "is there a risc-v room or is..." <- GD32V Rust but I think the active riscv-team folks should be here too
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<owlfed[m]> Hello again, I need like a kind of guide to buy a developed board fof ESP32, I am looking in Ali-xpress but there is a lot of board, i need help…
<owlfed[m]> Recommendation for project with voltage and currency mainly ?
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<MichaelEden[m]> I had great luck with this one:
<owlfed[m]> Thanks I will read, I am watching YouTube about ESP32 dev kits
<Lumpio-> What do you mean by "project with voltage and currency"? You want to measure voltage and current? At what sort of magnitude?
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<morfertaw[m]> Hey, I am running a modified version of the [embassy-usb raspberry pi usb_hid_keyboard example]( on my esp32s3 based board. The example works fine but if I add a report id to the hid descriptor it stops working. You can see that in the input loop, where the report is written from, there is nothing specifying the report id.
<JamesMunns[m]> CC adamgreig, thejpster, therealprof, and any other WG members, would you mind chiming in on ?
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<diondokter[m]> Anybody know if you can pass the build-std argument though the command line instead of through the config.toml? Would make creating a testing script much easier
<dirbaio[m]> -Zbuild-std
<dirbaio[m]> or more complex -Zbuild-std=compiler_builtins,core -Zbuild-std-features=panic_immediate_abort
<diondokter[m]> Ah! I see what I did wrong. I did cargo build -- -Z..., but that's wrong
<diondokter[m]> Thanks!
<haobogu[m]> <morfertaw[m]> "Hey, I am running a modified..." <- Did you try to prepend the report id before the hid message
<haobogu[m]> * hid message?
<diondokter[m]> Took a bit of time to check whether adding the feature flags was truly all that was required. But the PR is now submitted!
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<dirbaio[m]> I wonder if the plan is to stabilize build-std-features along build-std? did you guys talk about it at rustnl?
<dirbaio[m]> and the features themselves would have to become stable too
<diondokter[m]> <dirbaio[m]> "I wonder if the plan is to..." <- Yeah they want to do it. The flags themselves would come a bit after, but not at the exact same time
<diondokter[m]> But exact timelines were of course not goven
<diondokter[m]> s/goven/given/
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<jotthyr[m]> Guys, I have a question on beginner level, anyone could help?
<jotthyr[m]> btw embassy is literally awesome framework
<jotthyr[m]> thanks for recommending James Munns
<jotthyr[m]> * for recommending that, James Munns
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<Lumpio[m]> You can just ask, if somebody knows the answer I'm sure they'll speak up
<jotthyr[m]> ok
<jotthyr[m]> Because I have an error that hrtim is not present in embassy_stm32
<Lumpio-> Which STM32 chip are you using?
<jotthyr[m]> STM32F303RET6
<jotthyr[m]> aaah I got u
<jotthyr[m]> / Sometimes-present hardware
<jotthyr[m]> right?
<Lumpio-> I don't think that chip has a HRTIM
<jotthyr[m]> thank you
<Lumpio-> There should be other types of timers available though
<jotthyr[m]> just my too forcy approach... everything is in the examples for another chips
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<StephenD[m]> I.e. for reading and writing
<StephenD[m]> What are people using for flash memory management on the rp2040?
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