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<re_irc> <James Munns> I've gone mad with power
<re_irc> <James Munns> pub async fn spawn<F: Future + 'static>(fut: F) {
<re_irc> let task = Task(MaitakeTask::new(
<re_irc> &EXECUTOR.scheduler,
<re_irc> fut
<re_irc> <James Munns> oh, wrong room for my shitposts, sorry
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<re_irc> <chemicstry> I did some bare-metal on RPi4 and didn't have any similar issues. Although it was not RPi3 and I was using PL011 uart
<re_irc> <Catherine> Liam Rosenfeld: are you running PIC code, by any chance?
<re_irc> <Catherine> "fmt::write" is usually the first time bare-metal and similar code encounters trait objects (and vtables)
<re_irc> <Catherine> so if your linking is subtly broken it would show up there
<re_irc> <Catherine> honestly chances are pretty low that it's that, but i'll never forget the several days i spent tracking down a bug in or1k binutils
<re_irc> <Catherine> could be a bad linker script
<re_irc> <Liam Rosenfeld> I will look into both of those, thank you. The initialization code I'm currently using is here ( I ran into an issue earlier with function calls that ended up being because my stack pointer was initialized wrong (the skeleton I'm building off of had "adr sp, _start" but changing it to "ldr sp, =_start" fixed things). I changed that to fix...
<re_irc> ... that issue but maybe that led to other issues.
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