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<re_irc> <henrik_alser> d8sn6f6nzq: there’s a module in the stm32g0xx-hal that should be directly portable (same i2c version irrc)
<re_irc> <henrik_alser> * iirc)
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<re_irc> <allexoll> anybody has an idea on how to find what's causing a hardfault on a cortexM0+ when CFSR == 0? happends at different instructions, and with some that cannot cause a hardfault (like "subsr3, r0, #0")
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<re_irc> <James Munns> The interrupt blog might have a post for that
<re_irc> <James Munns> Are you maybe hitting an unconfigured interrupt or something? Or are you single stepping with gdb when it faults?
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<re_irc> <allexoll> James Munns: that's where i gathered the CFSR info, but i haven't seen anything about CFSR == 0. I don't believe its related to IRQ conf because it seems the crash happens depending on outside factors... i'll dig deeper on my power rails...
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<re_irc> <James Munns> The reason I mention GDB is that sometimes the debugger can mask certain fault conditions, though if you're setting the breakpoint specifically in the hardfault handler, rather than in some other place and single-stepping, it's probably not that.
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<re_irc> <allexoll> i'm observing both with the debug probe connected and without it, with setting a led on at the start of the hardfault handler
<re_irc> <James Munns> Good call! Then yeah, probably not that, but I mention it because it can cause some surprises :D
<re_irc> <adamgreig> hi room, meeting time! agenda is, please add anything you'd like to discuss or announce and we'll start in 5min :)
<re_irc> <adamgreig> ok, let's go! just one announcement from me this week, embedded-hal-async 0.1.0-alpha.1 was released last week
<re_irc> <adamgreig> just some tweaks to the SPI traits for now
<re_irc> <adamgreig> does anyone else have any announcements?
<re_irc> <adamgreig> ah, there's also now a Chinese translation of the embedded book,
<re_irc> <adamgreig> that brings us to two translations πŸŽ‰
<re_irc> <adamgreig> ok, other than that, cortex-m 0.7.5 is ready to go I think, if someone wants to r+ I can push a release this evening
<re_irc> <therealprof> adamgreig: Need to fix the date.
<re_irc> <adamgreig> in the changelog? it's the date the changes were made at least :P
<re_irc> <therealprof> Other than that, newam already approved it... πŸ˜‰
<re_irc> <therealprof> [v0.7.5] - 2022-05-15
<re_irc> <adamgreig> and r+, I'll get that published this evening
<re_irc> <newam> Should I cancel to fix the date?
<re_irc> <adamgreig> thanks newam!
<re_irc> <adamgreig> hmm, I don't really mind
<re_irc> <adamgreig> yea, I think it's fine. nothing changed between those dates, let's leave it
<re_irc> <therealprof> It might confuse people if the metadata doesn't line up. But we can also fix it up later.
<re_irc> <adamgreig> as far as I could tell the defmt issue on discovery is resolved now too? but maybe we also want to update discovery to use microbit 0.13 from, now that's published
<re_irc> <therealprof> Yeah, probably.
<re_irc> <therealprof> I was trying to figure out whether there was a problem with 0.13 since a PR just got merged which changes the dependency to use 0.12 instead of the "main" version.
<re_irc> <adamgreig> I think that was because the git version had already been updated to say 0.13, but elsewhere cargo wanted 0.12, and was upset that git was 0.13?
<re_irc> <therealprof> Not sure.
<re_irc> <eldruin> yeah I think we should use 0.13. I think there was a reason why we pulled the git version. hargonix are you around?
<re_irc> <therealprof> But I think people will run into the "probe-rs" vs "defmt" mismatch now. Unfortunately I couldn't find the issue.
<re_irc> <adamgreig> because of microbit 0.13?
<re_irc> <therealprof> No, that's what 0.13 is trying to solve.
<re_irc> <adamgreig> right, so once discovery is updated to use 0.13 it should be ok with defmt?
<re_irc> <therealprof> Yes.
<re_irc> <adamgreig> πŸ‘οΈ
<re_irc> <adamgreig> cool, ok
<re_irc> <adamgreig> I have published cortex-m 0.7.5
<re_irc> <adamgreig> you can now use the inline-asm feature on stable with a rustc >= 1.59
<re_irc> <adamgreig> is there anything from embedded-hal to discuss?
<re_irc> <eldruin> not from my side
<re_irc> <adamgreig> cool, I don't have anything else either
<re_irc> <adamgreig> just keep up the good work, everyone! thanks all :)
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<re_irc> <Simon Sapin> Hi. Was recorded?
<re_irc> <Simon Sapin> never mind, I found :)
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