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<phlebas> am I right translating pypy3 these days still needs python2.7 venv with pycparser and cffi?
<mattip> yes
<tumbleweed> But you can cheat and use the pycparser that pypy3 vendors:
<tumbleweed> err, I don't think you actually need cffi, just pycparser
<phlebas> ok. I'm trying to translate on CentOS 6, for which there don't seem to be any binaries of recent releases, so I'm trying with the python 2.7.18 I have available there :)
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<mattip> I don't think we support that anymore. You should use at least CentOS 7, there may be incompatibilities with the older glibc in CentOS6
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<mattip> CentOS6 went EOL in Nov 2020
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<phlebas> mattip: I know, but our CI slaves are still on 6 :)
<phlebas> or images based on RHEL 6, which enterprise customers can still by extended support for
<mattip> you could use the last CentOS 6 - compatible pypy2, which I think is 7.3.4 at
<mattip> released 04.2021
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<Dejan> RockyLinux ftw!
<phlebas> mattip: thanks for the help, I got it all to build now. the urls in the script for the 3.9-v7.3.9 don't work anymore. was moved to (similar for 3.0.1)
<mattip> right, sorry
<mattip> that is pypy issue 3737
<mattip> you probably don't want to embed the dependencies
<mattip> so you should remove the `--embed-dependencies` option from pypy/goal/
<mattip> then the cffi build will link with whatever openssh you have in your system
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