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<abu[m]> Tonight the server was rebooted by the provider. No idea why
<abu[m]> But now the problem is that there is a fetchmail process running, which restarts when killed
<abu[m]> Because this process runs, the mailing list does not start
<abu[m]> The fetchmail systemd config is ignored
<abu[m]> Any idea why fetchmail keeps popping up?
<abu[m]> systemd reads some obscure /sys/fs/cgroup/user.slice/user-1001.slice directory. No idea what that is about.
<beneroth> well it's systemd
<beneroth> it's just horrible
<abu[m]> indeed
<beneroth> you removed /usr/lib/systemd/system/fetchmail.service ?
<abu[m]> No, but modified it to see if anything changes
<abu[m]> It says "Restart=always" so I changed to "Restart=no"
<beneroth> systemctl disable fetchmail
<beneroth> systemctl stop fetchmail
<beneroth> also not helping?
<abu[m]> I did try stop without success
<beneroth> try disable
<abu[m]> also changed "ExecStart=fetchmail --nodetach --daemon 300" to "700"
<beneroth> I guess the always and the enable/disable is auto-restarting it
<abu[m]> but "300" is seen in ps
<beneroth> ah well
<abu[m]> ok, I try disable now
<beneroth> I think you need to run a systemd command after changing the file, it does not automatically detect and apply changes
<beneroth> because you know, thats an improvement about how things were for decades...
<abu[m]> yes, did so
<abu[m]> I did restart after any changes
<abu[m]> hmm
<abu[m]> disable gives "fetchmail.service is not a native service"
* beneroth wonders about having a statistic of the usage of systemd over time and the occurence of critical administrator failures
<beneroth> ah
<beneroth> the service files in /lib/systemd/system/ should not be edited
<beneroth> the files in /etc/systemd/system/ are supposed to be edited
<beneroth> or /etc/systemd/system/ is used to overwrite lib configs?
<beneroth> Usually, if you edit a systemd unit file, for it to take effect, you need to run: sudo systemctl daemon-reload
<abu[m]> I see. There is no fetchmail in /etc/systemd/system
<abu[m]> But why does systemd start it then?
<beneroth> no idea. I hate systemd.
<beneroth> all troubles I have is because of it.
<abu[m]> :(
<abu[m]> I can see that systemd is the parent process
<abu[m]> And I strace'd it and see it reads from /sys/fs/cgroup/user.slice/user-1001.slice
<abu[m]> 1001 is the mailing list user
<abu[m]> I suspect the mailing list was calling fetchmail at the moment the server was rebooted
<beneroth> slice is about resource quotas, no?
<abu[m]> No idea
<abu[m]> Totally obscure
<abu[m]> Interesting. I experimented as root. But the fetchmail process does indeed belong to user 'picolisp'. I can kill it, sr do "fetchmail --quit" as user picolisp
<abu[m]> But it immediately restarts :(
<abu[m]> Look like I should reboot the server this night once more as a last resort
<abu[m]> Ha!
<abu[m]> Seems I managed to kill it
<abu[m]> I renamed .fetchmailrc, then killed the process
<beneroth> .fetchmailrc in the users homedir?
<beneroth> wtf?
<beneroth> afk lunch :)
<abu[m]> Yes, exactly.
<abu[m]> Bon appetite!
<abu[m]> Cause .fetchmailrc was gone, the permanent restart failed it seems
<abu[m]> After moving back to ~/.fetchmailrc everything seems to work fine ☺
<beneroth> thanks
<beneroth> well sounds like a solution, though not really like the root cause got resolved. but hey ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
<abu[m]> T. Still interesting.I learned that systemd tries to be nice and restart processes of some user which were killed during reboot.
<abu[m]> Took me half a day though ;)
<beneroth> well I just spent half a day cleaning a customer system from wrong entries in LD_LIBRARY_PATH which was filled at various locations
<abu[m]> hehe
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