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<abu[m]> tankf33der: Did you ever use a non-symbolic tag for a coroutine?
<abu[m]> I never did
<abu[m]> So I want to restrict to symbolic tags in the future
<tankf33der> Never used.
<abu[m]> Very good!
<abu[m]> I also never did. I kind of assumed it is symbolic anyway.
<abu[m]> So I will change the reference and add an argument check
<abu[m]> The reason is that a symbolic tags gives more possibilities for internal usage
<beneroth> abu[m], good you asked though :)
<abu[m]> ☺
<DKordic> Greeting everyone. I missed You all.
<beneroth> greetings dear DKordic :)
<abu[m]> Hi DKordic!
<DKordic> [ dfn ( i M R ) ( i M ( M ( i M R ) ) ) ]
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<beneroth> hahaha
<beneroth> its now scientifically proven that SJW and code of conduct is harming software quality.. a guy wrote a bachelor paper comparing quality of open source C code containing swearwords vs. code without swearwords 😂
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