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<beneroth> abu[m], how often do you apply the soundex search in your application?
<beneroth> times and times again I make the experience that it confuses users... I guess because most applications don't offer it
<beneroth> and sometimes it also makes quite weird hits.. maybe because its based on English and then used for German or in English applications for non-native speakers
<abu[m]> I use it always when a person's surname is indexed. So neither items or company names
<abu[m]> Nobody complained so far ;)
<abu[m]> Also because the soundex hits appear last, after the exact hits
<beneroth> yeah I did it the same
<beneroth> way
<beneroth> it's well possible that I just have.. different... users
<beneroth> of course the majority never complains so is supposedly happy...
<abu[m]> Can you show an example name where it goes wrong?
<beneroth> : (ext:Snx "Netzkraft")
<beneroth> : (ext:Snx "Nidecker-Wüthrich")
<beneroth> -> "NTSRFT"
<beneroth> -> "NTSRFTRS"
<beneroth> not really wrong, but arguably a bit weird
<abu[m]> The snx always looks weird, but it is not seen by the user. What I mean is the names which are shown as matches
<abu[m]> e.g. Mayer matches Meier
<abu[m]> ok, sorry, I misread
<abu[m]> The above is indeed a bit surprising
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