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<aw-> but from what I read, it seems your use-case might be much much simpler using file-based named pipes. You can then control access using regular UNIX permissions, and reading/writing to/from named pipes is ridiculously simple.. just echo/cat .. or in PicoLisp (out) (in ... (read)) etc...
<aw-> also the named pipes can outlive the process, which can be really useful
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<abu[m]> I think so too
<abu[m]> btw, aw-, does it not run on pil21? it says "PicoLisp 32-bit/64-bit v17.12 to v20.6.29"
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<aw-> abu[m]: hi, yes of course it works! I'll update the README to make it clear
<abu[m]> Perfect :)
<aw-> I have soooooooo many PicoLisp repositories, haven't updated all of them to pil21 but i know they all work
<abu[m]> hehe
<abu[m]> You could omit the "to <version" part perhaps
<aw-> yes probably, unless you do something like pil21.2 ...
<abu[m]> True, but I'd hope it still stays compatible
<aw-> does pil21 compile with llvm-14 ?
<abu[m]> Yes, and also 15 and 16
<aw-> ok... it seems GitHub switched their default CI to "Ubuntu Jammy" which ships with llvm-14 instead of the old llvm-9
<abu[m]> I have 15 here on Termux, and 14 on Debian
<aw-> so now none of the default builds work, i swear every year i get new work just for updating stupid dependencies
<aw-> without 0 changes to my actual code
<abu[m]> You mean the default build in src/Makefile?
<aw-> err with 0 changes to my actual code
<aw-> no no not related to PicoLisp
<aw-> ubuntu,github,etc...
<abu[m]> I see
<aw-> hmmm
<aw-> where is llvm-config used?
<aw-> in the build process
<abu[m]> In pil21? Line 14 in Makefile?
<aw-> oh
<aw-> this is new?
<aw-> my version is from October..
<aw-> what does it do?
<aw-> err September
<abu[m]> It was added in September by tankf33der
<abu[m]> Sep 24
<aw-> pil -version
<aw-> 22.9.7
<aw-> oops
<abu[m]> close miss ;)
<abu[m]> I would recommend the latest rolling release
<abu[m]> (yesterday)
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<aw-> sorry can you tell me the email of the mailinglist?
<abu[m]> Sure:
<aw-> ah right, i was going to email to haha
<aw-> right , i have the archive open here, should have known
<abu[m]> no problem :)
<aw-> thanks! i emailed the list now just for github auto-building support with pil21
<abu[m]> Hmm, I cannot see any new mail
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<aw-> uh oh
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<beneroth> aw-, oh nice! I will have a look at the source :))
<beneroth> mailing list: same, didn't receive a new mail. last mail I received was subscribe by Mohamed
<abu[m]> Hi beneroth! We could clear up the mail issue in DMs
<abu[m]> aw- had changed his e-mail
<beneroth> ah okay
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<abu[m]> aw-: There is still no mail. I think I should say that you need to *resend* the mail, as it was discarded upon the first time because that address was not subscribed.
<aw-> hi abu[m] i can see the message in Mail Archive
<aw-> so i think it worked
<abu[m]> Oh, indeed!
<abu[m]> hmm, the old problem with the mails being unreliable 😨
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