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<sharkdp> achin: I hope you are okay with the change in
<sharkdp> I realize it's not necessarily a UX improvement, but I find it much cleaner conceptually... in terms of language design (not having strings on the right hand side of the conversion operator)
<sharkdp> We could still think about adding the old behavior back as syntactic sugar... but implementation-wise, I'd prefer the new approach
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<sharkdp> Numbat v1.10 has been released:
<triallax> good work!
<triallax> preparing an update for the chimera port
<triallax> hmm, the 1.10 package is quite a bit bigger than before
<triallax> was 3868 KiB, now is 5492 KiB
<triallax> probably has something to do with datetime
<sharkdp> Pretty sure it's the embedded tz database :-)
<triallax> ah, right
<triallax> have we found out there's no way to use the database shipped with the system?
<sharkdp> I haven't checked
<sharkdp> Something we can look into. Also: deferred loading of the tz database in the web version would be really nice. loads noticeably slower since datetime support
<triallax> it'd also be nice because then the distro's (hopefully) up to date tzdata can be used
<triallax> instead of waiting on numbat and chrono_tz updates
<triallax> and of course make the package smaller, but that's not so important for distro packages
<triallax> okay, the icon looks horrible in gnome
<triallax> not detailed enough
<triallax> i only tested with numbat.png and not with 196x196 and the others :/
<triallax> ah i can use numbat-wasm/www/icon.svg
<triallax> do you think we can ship a quick hotfix for this?
<sharkdp> Sure. A white background might also be nice?
<triallax> hmm i think it looks nice already
<triallax> idk what i messed up but now numbat doesn't have an icon at all
<triallax> oh it's some icon cache hook executed by the package manager
<triallax> if you want to add a white background now is the time
<sharkdp> ok, so we don't need a new release?
<triallax> well, in the template i just installed the svg file from numbat-wasm/www/icon.svg
<triallax> but that's kinda weird and more importantly not documented
<triallax> i do have a pr prepared here to replace the pixelated png files with the svg icon (and update the packaging documentation)
<triallax> so i'm inclined to say it's still good to have a release
<triallax> sorry for the trouble, i should've tested my pr better
<sharkdp> We should probably also include those files (desktop, icon) in the generated artifacts?
<triallax> which artifacts?
<sharkdp> the release tarballs
<triallax> the github ones?
<sharkdp> Yes. Some distributors rely on them (instead of the Git repository source)
<triallax> the ones autogenerated by github contain everything in the tree
<triallax> actually it's probably the other way around, most distros would use the tarball :)
<sharkdp> The source tarball, yes.
<triallax> yeah we're good there, the tarballs github generate don't exclude anything afaik
<triallax> i already use it in the chimera template
<sharkdp> I'm talking about the artifacts like numbat-v1.10.0-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu.tar.gz
<triallax> right
<triallax> do these contain the binaries
<sharkdp> prebuilt binary, Numbat modules, LICENSE files, README
<triallax> okay yeah i see they're produced in the ci
<triallax> i can take care of including them, but how would i test it
<sharkdp> we build artifacts on every CI run
<triallax> oh neat, i thought we did it for each release
<triallax> do you think it might be confusing to have both assets/numbat.{svg,png}?
<sharkdp> I'm fine with adding both
<triallax> the problem is that assets/numbat.png already exists
<triallax> but it's the other logo
<sharkdp> oh. feel free to remove those old logos
<triallax> and i replace it with a rasterized png of the svg icon?
<sharkdp> sounds good
* triallax fires up inkscape
<triallax> oh i could generate the different icon sizes now
<triallax> with imagemagick actually, no need for inkscape
<sharkdp> I believe you can also use inkscape on the command line. I'm not sure I would trust imagemagick to generate faithful SVG exports(?). But I might be mistaken.
<triallax> i'm converting svg to png, i don't see why it would have trouble with that
<sharkdp> it looks fine, actually
<sharkdp> didn't know imagemagick could handle svg
<triallax> yeah, it's pretty neat
<sharkdp> Just to be sure: you're creating exports of numbat-wasm/www/icon.svg, right?
<triallax> correct
<triallax> which i copied to assets/numbat.svg as well
<sharkdp> ok. That also has a white background set.
<sharkdp> can you replace the png versions in numbat-wasm/www as well? I think they should come with a white background, too
<triallax> sure, but let me try to understand what you want me to do
<triallax> you want me to add a white background to the PNG files?
<triallax> and what about the svg file, do i keep it with the transparent background?
<sharkdp> sorry... yes. I think the icon files should come with a white background instead of a transparent one. 'convert' seems to do that anyway.
<sharkdp> I guess there's no need to change the SVG files
<triallax> then it's a problem of consistency i'm afraid
<triallax> if we're going to encourage packagers to install both the SVG and PNG files, i'd expect them to have the same contents
<triallax> i'm fine with only having png files for what it's worth
<sharkdp> ok. that viewport property of svgs does not seem to be implemented everywhere. the recommended solution seems to be to add a 100% width/height rectangle in the background. I can do that if you want.
<triallax> that sounds good to me
<sharkdp> Done. Updated your PR
<triallax> thanks, i'll push my png additions in a bit, busy with something else at the moment
<triallax> also i should probably test this before merging
<triallax> should i go into detail regarding where to install the icon files?
<triallax> i'm inclined to think that this is the responsibility of distro packagers and we shouldn't go overtly into detail
<triallax> here's what i have, but idk
<triallax> hmm, the white background looks weird
<triallax> maybe we can have it only on the actual numbat?
<sharkdp> yes, will do that
<sharkdp> in the diff, it should be *-*.png instead of *-*.svg
<triallax> yeah, noticed and fixed that
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<triallax> oh, you've already done it?
<triallax> never mind, not yet
<sharkdp> no... I don't really know what I'm doing :-)
<sharkdp> doesn't really look great
<triallax> i saw your commit on master and thought that was it
<triallax> yeah i feel your pain
* triallax has tried to use inkscape to fix up an icon a few weeks back
<triallax> i might have a look later
<triallax> i really shouldn't be doing this, i have an assignment due today ;-;
<sharkdp> bit this is important!
<sharkdp> :D
<triallax> yes, and it's more fun anyway
<sharkdp> I rebased your branch again, hope that's fine
<sharkdp> it should be done properly at some point, from scratch. Or maybe someone will redesign it completely. But I think that version is better than the icon we had before
<triallax> the outline is a little jagged yeah, but no big deal
<triallax> can i squash the commits into something more sensible
<sharkdp> of course
<achin> sharkdp: the TZ conversion stuff seems fine to me, the only thing i think i'd like to see right now is a default "let UTC = tz("UTC")" alias.
<achin> the extra 4 characters do feel a little annoying, but like 98% of all my timezone conversions involve either "local" or "UTC", and so having those being easier (now with 2 less characters!) still feels very nice to type
<triallax> we can have this in the upcoming hotfix
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<achin> a possible counter-argument: users can configure their own favorite timezones in their config file, but i think UTC is special enough to warrent being added to the default
<triallax> both utc and local i'd say
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<triallax> you're scaring me
<triallax> this exact commit message was sent in another channel i'm in a few minutes ago
<achin> lol it was sent to me via yet another IRC channel
<triallax> which one
<achin> i guess it's making the rounds :)
<triallax> i'm curious how this stuff spreads
<triallax> i think i might've been the one who started it
<triallax> triallax git diff HEAD@'{tea time}'
<triallax> triallax this is not a joke, it works
<triallax> apparently i'm not, but anyway
<achin> i got this URL from someone in #overviewer on libera. who in turn got it from someone in chimera-linux on OFTC
<triallax> correct, i saw it in #chimera-linux
<triallax> the person who posted it there got it from yet another irc channel
<triallax> this is so cool
<achin> that's a fun little connection
<triallax> achin: mind making a pr for the utc/local thing?
<achin> already done
<triallax> ah
<triallax> no local?
<achin> there's already a "local" variable
<triallax> double ah
<triallax> can you tell i haven't really used the datetime stuff much
<triallax> i thought it was a string, like "local"
<achin> sharkdp reworked all that, to remove the special case handling, and now it uses the conversion functionality
<triallax> sharkdp: pushed my changes
<triallax> now i'm just waiting on the ci to pass
<triallax> how do i fix this
<triallax> running the suggested command just tells me that 0.7.0 is "required by package `clap_builder v4.5.0`
<achin> clap_lex is probably requried by clap, so you'll have to downgrade clap as well
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<sharkdp> triallax: We have a minimum required Rust version configured in the various Cargo.toml files, and it's currently set to 1.70
<sharkdp> I'm okay with bumping it to 1.72
<triallax> the pr is not urgent, we can delay it for after the release
<sharkdp> Minor point regarding #340: can we move all of those png files and the desktop file into a assets/ subfolder inside the archives? This would also make the Packaging guidelines correct in both cases.
<triallax> what do you mean, "correct in both cases"?
<sharkdp> whether you start from the source tree or from the release artifacts
<triallax> ah
<sharkdp> because the guidelines ask package maintainers to use the files in assets/
<triallax> right yeah, that's fine with me
<triallax> done, let's see if it works
<sharkdp> Thank you
<sharkdp> Re "approxidate": should we add "today", "yesterday" and "tomorrow"?
<triallax> would today be at midnight?
<triallax> (question also goes for all of these actually)
<sharkdp> I would research what other tools do, but I think midnight is more useful than noon
<achin> i don't know how to do this, but it would be nice to have some real-world examples where people use "today" or "yesterday"
<sharkdp> yesterday and tomorrow are more for fun, but I think 'today' is useful in combination with a 'constructor' like date("2024-04-13")
<sharkdp> when I just want to ignore times
<achin> i think if you use something like "today", you probably don't care too much about the arbitrary time used (is it midnight, is it noon, is it my current hour). maybe you want to calculate the number of days between January 1, 1673 and now, and being off by one day does't matter
<achin> but if i don't care about the exact hour during the day, then using something like now() is no worse than today(), precisely because i don't care about the exact hour
<sharkdp> it probably doesn't, but it's still nice to get an integer result
<achin> yes, that's probably true
<sharkdp> the other argument would be discoverability
<triallax> adding it would probably be trivial, so i think it's fine
<achin> btw, chrono has a dedicated type (`NaiveDate`) for this, so if we think that calculations on a date without time, then we should look at using this type
<sharkdp> not completely trivial though. yesterday() != today() - 24 hours.
<triallax> can we add tea time as well? :)
<triallax> sharkdp: that isn't how i'd do it
<triallax> how does chrono store dates
<sharkdp> You are free to add that to init.nbt :D
<triallax> also i was only talking about today
<triallax> yesterday indeed needs some thinking
<triallax> or rather, if you can construct a date from year-month-day, then all you need to do is subtract 1 from day (ignoring any underflows for now)
<triallax> achin: ah, missed your message, that might be helpful
<sharkdp> but you need to have the full timezone+DST information to do that, right? or how do you "subtract 1 day" from March 1st?
<sharkdp> chrono can do it, of course.
<triallax> exactly, i was hoping chrono would handle it
<sharkdp> and I was hoping I could implement those functions in Numbat, without new foreign functions :-)
<sharkdp> or maybe by adding a generally useful additional function
<triallax> hmm, as it currently stands i don't know if it's possible cleanly
<sharkdp> I think I'll add today, and forget about yesterday/tomorrow
<triallax> datetime("2024-01-01") doesn't work, which is kinda sad
<triallax> time is required
<sharkdp> see my point regarding "parse_date" in The thing is, chrono does not accept a format string like `%Y-%m-%d` for creating a datetime object.
<triallax> i see
<sharkdp> It returns a "NotEnough" parse error ("Given set of fields is not enough to make a requested date and time value.")
<sharkdp> But I wonder if there is any harm in defining `fn date(input: String) -> DateTime = datetime("{input} 00:00:00")`
<triallax> regarding using the system tzdata, there's an upstream issue already:
<triallax> i'll open a tracking issue on numbat as well for reference
<sharkdp> Looks like already implements everything as required. We could use that on unix. And use chrono_tz on other platforms.
<sharkdp> Here's 'date' and 'today'
<sharkdp> Anything else we'd like to add to v1.10.1?
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