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<AdarshSantoriaAd> > I have installed mlpack from source on Ubuntu in WSL. When I am running mnist_simple.cpp from examples, it is taking more than 3 mins to build and the build file size becomes 15 MB. Is it supposed to take this much time and space?
<AdarshSantoriaAd> Yes, it may require that much complexity, but you can have some relaxation over time by using -fopenmp.
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<vaibhavp[m]> Hey guys! I was not very happy with my previous version of the proposal. So, I have made lots of changes in the proposal. My intend is to make the proposal easy to understand and well detailed. Check it out here: [Directed graph-based neural networks for mlpack](https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tznxFBU6UfgWLq4voV8eTg873s1JOpmCV5gZBQGAaaE/edit?usp=sharing).
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<vaibhavp[m]> My personal favorite from the proposal is [Example: ResNet](https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tznxFBU6UfgWLq4voV8eTg873s1JOpmCV5gZBQGAaaE/edit#heading=h.t5nspewhlgrv), it shows how easy it is to create models with proposed API.
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<AnaB[m]> Hi kartikdutt18 (kartikdutt18), you were listed as a potential mentor for a project I was interested in. I sent over a proposal draft to the email you had listed on your GitHub profile. I would really appreciate any kind of feedback. Thank you for your time!
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