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<Janan[m]> Hello everyone! My name is Janan and I am a senior computer engineering student studying at Ryerson University located in Toronto, Canada. I am excited to be apart of a great community and learn more about contribution efforts to Mlpack. I am hoping to pursue the Reinforcement learning contribution effort as it is right on the edge of my skill set where I have an opportunity to learn, and leverage my previous experience of benchmarking
<Janan[m]> intelligent systems.
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<akhunti1[m]> Hi All ,
<akhunti1[m]> if you see my image inside data ::load method i hard coded the value [ test_data_csv ]. but now i want to send this file [est_data_csv] file as a parameter.
<akhunti1[m]> for that i did :
<akhunti1[m]> but it is throwing me error message
<akhunti1[m]> pls suggest , if possible
<IWNMWEIWNMWE[m]> hey I wanted to reach out to ask for your help in reviewing a fix that I recently suggested under a GitHub issue. I would greatly appreciate your feedback on the changes I made.Here is the link to the GitHub issue:https://github.com/mlpack/mlpack/issues/3010 . Please Let me know if you have some feedback about it.Thanks in advance
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<SUKRUTAJENA[m]> Hello Everyone ,My name is SUKRUTA JENA. I am from Bhubaneswar, Odisha. I am a 3rd-year undergraduate pursuing Btech in Computer science and technology from Parala Maharaja Engineering College, India.
<SUKRUTAJENA[m]> I have done a few machine learning projects like house rent prediction ,mask detection and smart attendance system etc.
<SUKRUTAJENA[m]> I am a newbie in the world of open source and have a keen interest in exploring it. It would be very kind if I could get some help in ways I could contribute to this organization. I am interested in the project "Renforcement Learnng". Thank you. rcurtin
<SUKRUTAJENA[m]> I have good knowledge in AI, Machine Learning, Python, Tensorflow ,keras, openCV,NLP ,Java, C++.I have a good practical knowledge regarding blockchain, ethereum, solidity and Dapps.
<SUKRUTAJENA[m]> rcurtin: What is the procedure to join ML packs slack channel ?? Please help me out.