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<KomalKumari[m]> I am Komal Kumari, a third year civil engineering undergraduate student at IIT Roorkee, I am interested in participating in gsoc 23. If you are going to participate, Is there any bug or issues which I can fix so that I can become familiar with the code base ?
<KomalKumari[m]> I have knowledge of full stack development, have worked on dynamic website during Intern period. I have also made some open source contribution by participating in girls script summer of code and Hacktoberfest this year and hence have knowledge of open Source contribution.
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<SahelBej[m]> hello guys👋, I am Sahel Bej and I am a sophomore at Techno International New Town. I am quite versed in machine learning technologies. I am looking to how can I contribute to ml pack. If someone can help me, it will be really appreciated😄
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