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<headius> Good morning!
<headius> enebo: I applied that PR and cherry-picked it to 9.3 also
<headius> this should be safe to include in 9.3 since it only enables vthread use when available
<headius> the logic is otherwise identical to non-vthread fibers
<headius> oh well duh... I forgot I'll also need to avoid referencing the ofVirtual method directly
<enebo[m]> ok well that is cool
<enebo[m]> I maybe would have held it as a carrot for 9.4 but the only risk of this is someone on the edge of Java running into an unforeseen issue
<headius> and they'd have to enable preview features
<enebo[m]> yeah that too
<headius> pushed a modified version that uses reflection to launch vthreads, it compiles fine now
<headius> assuming I'm running it right, vthread fibers pass all the same fiber specs as pthread fibers
<headius> lunch
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<headius> woot
<headius> well it's all green with vthreading disabled, but that's no surprise
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