<puritylake[m]> So how does JRuby blocks capture variables outside it's scope?
<puritylake[m]> s/does/do/
<headius> Such scopes use an object to hold the locals
<headius> DynamicScope is the parent class, we generate the right size scope child class for each
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<puritylake[m]> Ah I see, well it would seem the blocks capture by value instead of by reference
<puritylake[m]> Which is causing some issues with the Array#sort!
<puritylake[m]> * the Array#sort! tests, maybe even others
<puritylake[m]> Gonna see if I can fix that
<headius> Good morning!
<puritylake[m]> Morning
<puritylake[m]> Learning quite a bit trying to fix the block issue
<headius> I'
<headius> cool
<headius> I'm going to review my PRs and see what else low-hanging issues I can deal with before returning to 9.4 work
<puritylake[m]> Sounds good
<puritylake[m]> Could it be possible the JIT is loading the value by value?
<puritylake[m]> s/value/variable/
<headius> what's the issue you're seeing?
<headius> IR does try to optimize read/writes to that scope by using temporary JVM variables
<puritylake[m]> array in the block is loaded by value
<headius> so it is not freezing the original reference?
<puritylake[m]> In the block you can ask if `array.frozen?` and it says true but it doesn't affect the original
<headius> hmmm
<headius> check object_id on both
<headius> if that matches then the sort itself might be overwriting the frozen status or something
<headius> like it doesn't expect the array to freeze while being sorted and restores the original flags
<puritylake[m]> Hmmm both the same
<puritylake[m]> Must've been on a wild goose chase lol
<puritylake[m]> Still I learned some stuff
<headius> ok cool... I would not have been surprised if there were something wrong with IR there but having a second array appear would have been unexpected
<puritylake[m]> I'm quite perplexed tbh
<puritylake[m]> Gonna try fix some other issues for a bit
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<headius> enebo: that jar-dependencies stuff is resolved and I was able to push the new gem
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<enebo[m]> no battery packs and no power. Just came on to check mail but I need to conserve power on phone
<enebo[m]> headius: cool though
<enebo[m]> I am working on trying to finish the biggish ripper using regular parser file project but this laptop will not last much longer
<enebo[m]> I see they are replacing two power poles...why is the US so backwards and still have above ground power lines
<enebo[m]> going dark again 👺
<headius> Have fun
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<byteit101[m]> lol, I'm on the other side of the country and I had a power outage yesterday.
<byteit101[m]> headius: I'll look at that issue you sent me the other day after I get back from vacation.
<headius> No problem
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