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<davidlt> neil, are there plans to cooked Rocky Linux 9 + riscv64, or Rocky Linux 10 is a more likely scenario?
* neil attempts to recall
<neil> I know we were working on a bootstrap from Fedora -> rocky 9
<neil> mostly blocked by having useful hardware
<davidlt> neil, define useful hardware? VF2 should be mostly enough.
<davidlt> neil, not gonna sugar coat it. That 16-core SiFive P670 SG2380 looks promising :)
<neil> i guess it's more on the infra side (me) of needing to be able to use multiple VF2s so as to parallelize efforts. i know the altarch folks in rocky had been mostly using qemu, which is less than ideal, but.. yeah. we don't (rocky) have an official policy on emu vs real hardware, though my preference is of course real hw
<davidlt> neil, without EPEL Rocky should be relative small distro.
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<neil> true
<davidlt> neil, have you looked into package versions and riscv64 support? How hard would it be?
<neil> i believe we have, but I think the info is lost to our mattermost history cause it was not transfered into a docs site :|
<neil> i know we have some builds on a contributor's machine somewhere. I put a line out to ask him, but as I understand it, we've been sorta just on hold since April or May--paused due to work on rocky 8.8 and 9.2, and then priorities shifted for various reasons
<davidlt> neil, it would be nice to know if you plan to go with 9
<davidlt> neil, what ISA baseline do you plan? For example, I think RVA23 is more appropriate for CentOS Stream 10.
<neil> don't think we've decided that much--but would appreciate your expertise :D
<neil> https://skiprocky.linuxdn.org/RockyRiscV/ -- was given this btw
<davidlt> For 9 I might consider it as an experiment and stick to RV64GC for now, but the next one is probably something different.
<davidlt> neil, I recall Canonical mentioning that next LTS will change baseline. Looking at PR announcement and RVI activity I don't think that anyone is building server hardware based on RV64GC.
<davidlt> and toolchain is another thing. You need very recent toolchain to target new profiles.
<neil> I sorta agree with you there re: experiment. will be something for people to install on their (existing) SBCs (or, some of them..)
<neil> 10 is a more realistic target for something semi-production-worthy
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<davidlt> neil, I am looking into how to join your mattermost
<neil> davidlt: we're bridged to IRC too #rockylinux-sig-altarch
<neil> (not via matrix, so unaffected)
<davidlt> Let's be modern :) I haven't used Mattermost since CERN days.
<davidlt> It's too late, so at leas today let's join the IRC channel.
<neil> hehe :) fair - mattermost is https://chat.rockylinux.org though
<davidlt> neil, I assume you will be at CentOS Connect, Feb 1-2 too
<davidlt> ?
<neil> yep!
<davidlt> neil, I missed Mattermost, seems better than Slack
<davidlt> Especially after the new Slack design
<neil> hehe, yeah it's nice to not have something ruined by Slack Product team
<neil> there's also a weechat plugin, and even a tui (https://github.com/matterhorn-chat/matterhorn) lol
<davidlt> I used to use weechat long time ago, now I go simple (HexChat)
<davidlt> Sadly it doesn't work well with fractional scaling, thus might need to look at weechat again (and yes, plugins is another thing)
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