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<maquefel> Hi all, does any have USB gadget working on Lichee RV Allwinner D1 USB-C OTG or it just me ?
<davidlt[m]> maquefel: I don't, I don't even have D1 based board yet.
<maquefel> David Abdurachmanov is that you ?
<davidlt[m]> yes
<maquefel> Hi - it's Nikita Shubin
<davidlt[m]> Nice to see you here :)
<maquefel> same :)
<davidlt[m]> Btw, I pinged Anup on Unmatched WDT reset patchset last night, he will look into it soonish.
<maquefel> he already merged them onto master
<davidlt[m]> ah, cool, didn't check yet
<maquefel> but it looks like WD should be avoided - see similiar post on da9363 forum https://www.dialog-semiconductor.com/products/pmics?post_id=10052#tab-support_tab_content
<maquefel> any way it's EoL - so that's something unpleasant but really not fatal
<davidlt[m]> Yeah, I get impression that the drivers depend on OTP having AUTOBOOT set to ON.
<davidlt[m]> Sadly there is no way to change that.
<maquefel> Thats really not obvious from there datasheets...
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