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<FromGitter> <grkek> Hello
<FromGitter> <Blacksmoke16> o/
<FromGitter> <> Hi @grkek , long time not see!
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<FromGitter> <djpate> Hello, new here. Had a question regarding NamedTuples. Is it possible to have a namedTuple with optional keys
<FromGitter> <djpate> I want to enforce a specific type if a value is set but allow the key to be missing
<FromGitter> <Blacksmoke16> use a struct/record
<FromGitter> <Blacksmoke16> it's usually suggested to not use named tuples to model data
<FromGitter> <djpate> can I easily get a hash out of a record? the orm I'm using only allows hash/NamedTuple for the update method
<FromGitter> <Blacksmoke16> is it granite?
<FromGitter> <djpate> no Jeniffer
<FromGitter> <Blacksmoke16> then not that im aware
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<FromGitter> <atlantis> Hi all! I'm on 1.1 and getting "Error: BUG: already had enclosing call" on (spider-gazelle) self.then(->(result : Input)
<FromGitter> <atlantis> I can open an issue there but might take a crack at fixing it... any helpful knowledge to drop on what that error means/where to start looking?
<FromGitter> <Blacksmoke16> looks like a compiler bug
<FromGitter> <Blacksmoke16> i.e. prob not related to spider gazelle
<FromGitter> <Blacksmoke16> first step would be to create a minimal program that reproduces it
<FromGitter> <atlantis> whoops I lied - apparently this is in a 1.0.0 container so let me confirm it still exists in 1.1.0
<FromGitter> <atlantis> thanks everyone for all the work on crystal btw! getting close to a deploying a real project hopefully and performance is great so far...
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<FromGitter> <> is it a bug that `FileUtils.cp_r(Path, Path)` fails because converts `dest_path` to a String if it's a directory?
<FromGitter> <> so i have to use `FileUtils.cp_r(REPO_TRANS.to_s, REPO_LOCAL.to_s)` which just feels ugly :)
<FromGitter> <Blacksmoke16> try on master if possible
<FromGitter> <Blacksmoke16> was a fix in that area a little while ago
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<FromGitter> <atlantis> wow that was painful to isolate lol
<FromGitter> <atlantis> i'll start an issue on the crystal rep
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<FromGitter> <atlantis> trying to figure out why my code leverages that bug for a compile error, yet the spec passes for the promise shard...